General Live Updates : Raiders vs Warriors


Mosh said:
Jason Smith shouldnt be allowed to be interviewed. The guy speaks like he has a muffler down his throat or something.

Yeah, his voice was grating to me, as well... scratchy.


Skinny_Ravs82 said:
Oh well! Nevermind!
Unlike the rest of you, I'm going to forget about it and move. Looking forward to next week! Yah!

**yes call me whatever you want, but I don't see the point in people whinging all over again.**
So you don't hurt, you don't feel like crying,your not screaming for blood.
Well i guess fans are like people, they come in all different types.
Im SHATTERED,DESTROYED. Fien is a hooker,thats it either he plays it on the park or out on kings cross corner. The way i see it your halfback should either win you the game or save it, this moron can't do either. We need changes,we've needed it for a few weeks,cleary is JUST starting to see it.Possiblly only due to high profile people influencing him. Let's hope the've taken off the blindfold & the team next week will actually make sense.


Well sebastian mate I can understand totally, who wouldn't feel down about it. Why I stay positive and just shrug it off, simply because I know the negatives get me down. And I don't like to feel that way. Life is much bigger anyway.

I thought the crowd was crap-ok ours against Manly was probably a worse turn out. But at Canberra...even the Brumbies can get a way better crowd than that