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Apr 18, 2016
Some tough calls to be made soon by the Warriors.
Some random thoughts ...
Will Mannering and Luke be here next year?
Are the likes of Sipley, Lisone, Cherrington and Vete needed? If not who would you punt?
Will Vete go to rugby?
Will the Warriors tie up Ken and Jazz and if so how much extra will it cost?
Would the club let Lino go if he got a first grade gig elsewhere?
Will they keep Gelling?
Will Roache return and be back to his best?
Insightful questions from a year ago...

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Raw Power

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Aug 30, 2016
I was always very much impressed with Leeson Ah Mau's last two seasons at Saints, Solid and professional performer and thought he was extremely underrated at the time.
With his first match with the Warriors v Bulldogs... he, IMO, did not stand out as much as he did in his Saints days.
I think/hope maybe this is because the rest of our forwards are also up to this high standard! If so... a great season ahead


1st Grade Fringe
Mar 6, 2016
Yes thank you for all you've given to the club Leeson, all the best for the future bro. You were The Rock of our pack for a few years, the Titans would never have happened if you were there.
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