General League Immortals To Attend Walsh Funeral


I was a little too young to appreciate his talents playing for Australia, but looking at some of the videos on YouTube he was some player. Great with ball in hand for an old time forward
He was a great.

Once he he came over with the Kangaroos. They trained at my school.

One of the teachers was an Aussie, and was also my football coach. He never said anything but that night they interviewed Raper on TV.

He said what a thrill it was to meet the teacher who first put a football in his hands. So the next day we fronted the teacher and he admitted it was him.

One of the best teachers and football coaches I ever had. He was a true professional.

Nice story eh??

I think so. Those days are long gone. Teachers are too bloody busy to coach these days.
League Immortals Johnny Raper and Graeme Langlands will be among mourners at the funeral of their Test and St George teammate Ian Walsh on Wednesday.

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