Internationals Laurie Daley named NSW coach

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Daley must have photos of the NSW RL heads coming out of the touch of class it's the only way he'd score the coaches gig.
Coaching experience is very limited. Hope to he'll he's got some really good assistants


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'Unproven' Laurie Daley the wrong choice for NSW Blues coach, says Wayne Bennett

  • Chris Garry
  • The Sunday Mail (Qld)
  • January 27, 2013 12:00AM

Laurie Daley during a camp with emerging Blues players at Redfern Oval. Picture: Mark Evans Source: The Daily Telegraph

WAYNE Bennett says NSW gave Queensland a free kick by appointing an "unproven" Laurie Daley as coach.

Bennett said the Blues' best chance of halting the Morons juggernaut will come by following the plans set by now Parramatta coach Ricky Stuart.

Although the Blues lost the past two series under Stuart, Bennett said the they would have had a better shot at reclaiming the trophy if he remained in charge.

Bennett is moulding the Morons' generation next at the Queensland Academy of Sport's Emerging Origin camp in Brisbane this weekend.

The three-day induction is one of several Queensland initiatives copied by Stuart.

"If Ricky stayed on it would have been a greater challenge because he built a lot of momentum and made the last two series very difficult," Bennett said.

"They played a lot better.

"Laurie is unproven as a coach. That's the issue. He doesn't have a background (in full-time coaching).

"It looks like he's following similar patterns that Ricky set and if he does, that it will be his best chance."

Daley has limited head coaching experience. A major reason for his appointment was he didn't have the added burden of club responsibilities.

Daley has steered NSW Country since 2008, coached the All Stars Indigenous team and been a NSW assistant for several years.

"Coaching Origin is still the toughest job I have done," Bennett said. "Queensland's biggest issue is complacency. It hasn't been there, but it's something that's in the back of your mind as a coach."

The rising stars at this year's Emerging Origin camp include Dally M medallist Ben Barba, Broncos prop Josh McGuire, Manly half Daly Cherry-Evans and 20-year-old Canberra winger Edrick Lee.

The Blues held their Emerging Origin Camp last weekend while the Kiwis are also holding a camp for their wider Test squad this weekend.

"The Kiwis have bought in to it now," Bennett said.

"These camps are important for us because it gives us a pipeline. We don't have the vast amount of players so we need to develop our talent.

"Numerically (NSW) have us 3-1 nearly."