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Broncos rocked by Warriors poaching raid of playmaker Kodi Nikorima
Peter Badel - The Courier-Mail
April 28, 2019 9:09am

The Warriors are targeting Kodi Nikorima to solve their playmaking crisis in a move that could end the Brisbane halfback’s career at the Broncos within weeks.

The Courier-Mail understands the Warriors will table a formal offer in the next 48 hours in a bombshell development for Nikorima as he prepares for Thursday night’s Broncos-Souths grudge match.

The clash at Sydney’s ANZ Stadium against his former coach Wayne Bennett could be Nikorima’s 87th and final game for the Broncos with Brisbane considering an immediate release to the Warriors.


Kodi Nikorima could be on the way out of Red Hill. Picture: Annette Dew

The 25-year-old was first linked with a move to the Warriors last December.

Nikorima has been made aware of the Warriors’ poaching bid and would be devastated at the thought of leaving a Broncos club that has groomed him for the NRL since his teen years in Brisbane’s under-20s ranks.

The veteran of 13 Tests for New Zealand has consistently maintained he can succeed at halfback but the Broncos’ sluggish 2-5 start this season has not helped his prospects of being Brisbane’s long-term No.7.


Nikorima has had a tough start to 2019. (AAP Image/Dave Hunt)

Broncos coach Anthony Seibold is developing young halfbacks Sean O’Sullivan, Tom Dearden, Cory Paix and Tanah Boyd, raising the possibility Brisbane could send Nikorima back to the bench as a No.14 super-sub next season.

But Nikorima may not last that long at Red Hill if the injury-ravaged Warriors can get their man as soon as possible.

The Kiwi outfit have had their scrumbase decimated with Shaun Johnson’s off-season move to Cronulla compounded by a groin injury to his one-time halves partner Blake Green.

Such is their plight, the Warriors were forced to use back-rower Tohu Harris in the halves alongside four-game rookie Chanel Harris-Tavita in their Anzac Day clash against Melbourne last Thursday night.

Nikorima is contracted to the Broncos until the end of 2020 but the Warriors are keen to tempt him with a lucrative offer, potentially spanning three seasons beyond this year.

Warriors coach Steve Kearney worked with Nikorima as a former assistant at the Broncos and the pair share the same manager, the NRL’s most powerful agent Isaac Moses.

The Broncos were hoping the Milford-Nikorima alliance would work but the pint-sized pair have never really clicked since joining forces last season following Ben Hunt’s departure to the Dragons.

In the wake of Brisbane’s 29-6 defeat of Cronulla on Saturday night, Broncos prop Matt Lodge praised Nikorima, saying he is an NRL-quality halfback.

“All our forwards have trust in ‘Milf’ (Milford) to get the job done and Kodi is just as dangerous,” he said.

“I’d hate to be tackling him because he’s short and explosive.

“He can just break games open when we need points. Kodi is a threat. He’s just got to run the ball.”

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May 2, 2013
Rarotonga, Cook Islands
Wtf happened in the Titans Broncos game. I went to bed with the Titans up 20 nil after about 15 minutes. There structure in attack was awesome and the broncos looked clueless... but just checked and the Broncos won???
Isaako had a blinder. Titans had a few more chances to score in second half but couldn't get over the line. Broncos seemed to want it more. I guess Walters gave them all a slap on the wrist at half time


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Jul 25, 2020
Kodi recommits for next season - so maybe he can get on with playing instead of thinking about his future. Maybe that has made him good one week and invisible the next etc. I also wonder if he took up the option because no other club was looking at him because of his inconsistency so far this season?


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Aug 12, 2013
In the weeks leading up to signing Nikorima in 2019 we had played Peta Hiku, Gerard Beale & Tohu Harris in the halves and had a record of 2 wins & 6 losses. In my opinion he was a pragmatic signing despite what some think as we went 6-1-7 when he played thereafter.
I don't believe any of the staff believes he's a genuine #7 but here's hoping he finds his voice & has some authority on this weekends game
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Aug 13, 2016
For what it’s worth, Walsh had two try assists, one a grubber to Ken. Kodi grubbers to Ken and it’s knocked on in goal. Another Kodi grubber Walsh should of scored but was marginally off side, inexperience with refereeing technology? Those things go the Warriors way, Curran doesn’t get binned, it’s a different ball game and Kodi has two try assists. Fine margins between being a hero and zero.


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Jan 2, 2013
Two things that can improve Kodi, improve the passing, in the team, it is something they can control and has been an issue for years. Secondly is another long standing issue, the Halves need to play more direct and not resemble crabs scuttling crossfield. If a half plays direct he has the choice of running inside or out, passing inside or out. Bodies in motion around him can run lines far better. Running crossfield you really only have the outside pass as the Defence just drifts with you and you send your supports going lateral as well.


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Sep 4, 2016
Yeah I find he's too easy to shut down if you are the opposing defense. I think that's the problem. If he sees no gaps in the defense, he has no idea what to do to open it up.
Yep, that and hes not doing the overlap play well either, ie ball in both hands out in front, running diagonally looking like hes going to take the line on to draw the player and pass for for the overlap. He doesnt have a grubber kick for repeat sets. His bomb goes 15m straight up, where we need it to be landing 3-5m from the try line, his one kick that is ok is his punt down field, although not a 40/20 level kicker.

Hes inconsistent at both the individual play as a running half and the duties of a half to get the ball where it needs to go to score tries.

Consistency is the problem

But in his head he thinks he is a marquee level half back, a 7 if he could. The reality is, imo, Brisbane had him in the right place, coming off the bench as a utlity.

If he was given less things to worry about, ie half back, and some how somebody could talk sense into him, he might actually make a really good 9. Reduce what he has to worry about, clear the ruck fast, or use his pace out of dummy half to catch a broken defensive line with other players like Walsh backing him up ala Grant and Papenhausen. If he had just 2 or 3 functions to worry about, I think he would be much more effective. But how do you sell it to a player who has stated he doesnt want to play dummy half. IMO its simple, you either play there or you play small power forward. I know which one id prefer as a ball player.

As you said, he needs to start firing at marquee level now, or make room for someone who can, but sadly as usual, Warriors have lost their only specialist 5/8th already. Turner could have been a good option If I was the Warriors Id be playing RTS back at 1, CHT at 7, Walsh at 6, and kodi at 9 (or find a quality 9 to replace Egan).

Things will get hella interesting once the club has decided on his replacement, which for all we all really know right now, might be SJ.

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