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  • Warriors Conquer!

  • Warriors 12-

  • Warriors JANFIN Special by 6

  • DRAW

  • Knights 12-

  • Knights Ransom!

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If I was Kearney I would resign in the press conference after this. I would say "I fucked up and I'm a shit coach the warriors are a shit team but I'm a worse coach - Cappy will take over for the rest of the season" then I want Cappy to hold a presser 5 minutes later and say the same thing and nominate Stacey jones
Isn't Stacey our Attack coach?
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Good luck to the Dogs with Foran next year. His stay with us has been a complete waste of space.
Professionalism and culture he is not.
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Same old thing came out in the second half like we should have started... but then again it would not have lasted long... well done novice Knights
FUCK OFF KEARNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And replace him with precisely who, sunshine?

Another rookie. Who might work the team into the 8 on his first season. But, most probably, won't.

The Warriors club would be a paradise tomorrow if Jim Doyle had a submachine gun (paraphrasing Reverend Jim Jones).

Definitely wearing my "I'll watch the Warriors but I don't really care who wins, just so long as it's a good game" hat right now...
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Trumps taking a 17 day holiday - can he take Kearney with him please? There's a possum squashed on my road that would get a better process going.
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