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Kodi has to start next week at either 9,6 or 7
Swap Fusitua and Paddy back
Look at bringing in Ale or ATG. King is out of the top 30 so why isn’t ATG there?
Roger Tuivasa-Sheck to leave and join the Blues
Coaching staff to have a long look in the mirror
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sigh.... another season and they haven’t really changed anything ........too many stupid penalties and no go forward......
But I have a. 5 step plan to get them back on track

1 get All new forwards
2 get all New backs
3 get a new coach
4 make them get there ass’s off the ground quicker and play the ball
5 watch a top 8 team replay from last year and try and copy at lest 1 to 2 things that they did.........
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Disagree about them not giving a crap, to me they look like they are trying.

Some look out of shape, some look like their skills are rusty, and some look like they are following a bad game plan.

There's one dude making a lot of money to manage all of those things.

Cabt belive were back to talking about them looking unfit . Like seriously how fucked is that
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Katoa has tried hard, a mixture of class and rookie errors.

At this point just kick out Kearney and tell the new coach he doesn't have to win this year, just develop some players who can.
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We look like a genuine reserve grade team and this is the best we have for next couple of years

What isnt a development year?
All the years we said it's our year. This one is definitely not. That said, it's a long season. It just needs for attacking combos to start forming suddenly, then we could take off.

The 2002/2003 team developed that way. A couple of big young forwards (Ali Lauitiiti, Seuseu) showed out in the previous season. Next season Logan Swann and Faumuina, capped by Mark Tookey and Villasanti were added. Kev Campion. It all starts somewhere.

I'm calling it now. I've seen enough of Katoa and Jamayne Tounua-Brown to think that they will be the foundation of the next 3 seasons rebuild. They've got the size and willingness. Add Ben Murdoch-Masila, Afoa, LAM, even Burr and we're getting size and talent. I think we're building nicely. Come 2023 we're looking good.

I'm happy to play the long game. The culture is better. We have a clear development path now. Just keep resigning the squad and adding big boys.

Chanel Harris-Tavita, Turner, Perham, Fusitua, Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, Maumalo should be retained. Nikorima to hooker/utility.
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Another game and another depressing looking scoreline with no attack. This has been going on fast to long. Atleast we use to put some points on in the past if we lost.
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