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Warriors Orange Peeler
Knights vs Warriors Gameday Chatter [Round 1, 2020]


And here we go folks. Our official start to the 2020 season :).

Our throwback pic takes us back to 2011...
IF ...

... we continue the recent odd pattern of doing better away than at home

... we follow-up on the talk that was going around pre-season that the team might go back to old style Warriors free-flowing attack (esp given we have talent in our backs)

... newbies Taunoa-Brown and Katoa supply the up-front grunt we've been badly missing (lot of good comments about them in Fantasy circles)

... Tohu Harris is back in form

then we could win this one. Not that a single NRL tipping expert gives us a chance, they've gone 14 - 0 for the Knights


System reboot, see you all in '23.
Apparently the weather is pretty ho hum in Newy. That probably doesn't suit us well, if it turns into a grinder game but who knows as free flowing may not suit us either haha

Good luck to the boys, and special good luck to Katoa and Jamayne Tounua-Brown on your NRL debuts.

Just rip in and make a good fist of it boys, thats all I ever want to see is 100% effort to the cause.
It’s funny but I’m keen to see the game but not hyped about it. We haven’t signed anyone of any value, we have the same coaches & same player selection. What’s going to be different? Win or lose GO THE WARRIORS!!!!!
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