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The best part about his tenure so far was the quote the other day. "We've only won one game, we haven't done anything yet".

We tend to get excited quickly and end up with some false dawns. He knows there is still a lot of hard work to be done.


I fear the Tigers will want him out of the Kiwi job sooner rather than later. It might not be his choice. All the NZRL needs to do is to find another unemployed coach who wants to improve his reputation with the kiwis.


Geez McGuire why did you have to go and do the Kiwis like that.

Granted international coaches have far less on their plate than say origin coaches, and you can probably out source a lot of it to the assistants. But I can't see us being as successful with him trying to juggle both now.

Ohwell good luck to him, and looks like a nice 3 year payday at the Ligers.

Please don't let us end up with Barrett or Toovey for petes sake!!!
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He's publicly said that he will only take up an NRL coaching role if he can continue on as the Kiwi coach so hopefully he sticks to that and guides us through to the World Cup.

All this coaching movement is pretty crazy, never seen anything like it. Wonder if we will see much player movement off the back of it, you'd have to think yes.
He's publicly said that he will only take up an NRL coaching role if he can continue on as the Kiwi coach so hopefully he sticks to that and guides us through to the World Cup.

All this coaching movement is pretty crazy, never seen anything like it. Wonder if we will see much player movement off the back of it, you'd have to think yes.
Listening to him in interviews he mentions how much he loves coaching. That will be the main reason for the Tigers job as it is day to day working with the players. Hopefully the uniqueness of a rep coaching role in bringing guys together from different clubs, going on tour is a challenge that continues to interest him. The main concern will be if the Tigers struggle (good for the Warriors bad for the Kiwis).

The advantage for the Kiwis role compared to day to day club coaching there should be less chance of players getting sick of hearing the same voice/rants.

There was another year with a lot of coaching changes. The year Elliott left Canberra to go to Penrith, think Brian Smith went to Newcastle or Roosters? There were a few moving then. But that was nothing like the current situation. Bennett, Cleary (once confirmed), Hasler, Maguire are all big name coaches with results behind them. Only Cleary from that list doesn't have a premiership and he's made a Grand Final and can rebuild clubs. Add in Siebold who has done well in his first year in the roll.

There should be some player movement as coaches change the rosters to suit them or strengthen positions. The last few years have had move movement as clubs do their post season reviews. How much we will see this year, who knows. Hopefully we have some cap space available to strengthen our roster out a bit.


The Tigers will not be happy about him coaching the Kiwis unless there is a side benefit for the Tigers and make the Kiwis, and get an international bonus.
The guys a workaholic I don’t believe we lose anything by having him coach an NRL side, if anything it’ll help to keep his keep his tools sharp.

I agree. If they have the right selectors and assistants, should all run well.

Sounds like the communication has really improved between players and the organisation itself so that will help matters too.



Why the Wests Tigers need to stop blaming coach Michael Maguire​

Well, of course it’s all Michael Maguire’s fault. When isn’t the coach to blame at the Wests Tigers?

Tim Sheens. Mick Potter. Jason Taylor. Ivan Cleary. Now Maguire after the Tigers’ diabolical 1-6 start to the season.
At what point does chief executive Justin Pascoe, chairman Lee Hagipantelis and the rest of the board start taking ownership and accepting blame for the club stumbling about the NRL competition like the drunkest man at the party?
Is this club ever going to get it together?

The problem with joint ventures, much like St George Illawarra, is they’re as united as the Brady Bunch when the team is winning. When it is not, they leak like a waterfall and stab each other in the back.
Perhaps the greatest indication of what Maguire is up against is the leaking from within the club of a get-out clause in his recent contract extension, which was signed in December last year and takes him through to the end of 2023.
It’s been presented as outstanding management from the club; that it can sack Maguire if it wants and only pay him a paltry sum.
In reality, as confirmed by three separate sources, it’s a standard termination clause found in most contracts, in all forms of business and in most coach contracts these days.
To sell it as smart management is signature arse-covering for a club that’s had to cover its arse quite a lot of over the past decade. It reeks of something out of the Broncos’ playbook last year with Anthony Seibold.
Maguire isn’t without fault in the way things are developing at the Tigers – we’ll get to that in a minute – but it’s near impossible to coach a side when there’s so much chatter coming from above, whether it’s public or not.
You can set your clock to when the Tigers are playing the Panthers because you can guarantee Pascoe will make a comment about how Cleary disrespected and walked out on the club, stuffing up the salary cap.
As for Hagipantelis, he’s on speed dial for every almost every reporter in the business because he always talks. (That said, he didn’t return this columnist’s call on Monday to answer some hard questions).

Earlier this month, Hagipantelis let go with a stream of consciousness about besieged halfback Luke Brooks, saying he “will not partake in that narrative whatsoever” before partaking in an extraordinary narrative about Brooks and his future and what people are saying about him and what the club thinks of him …
The smart chairs know when to shut up. Hagipantelis doesn’t have an off switch.
In fairness, he’s only been chairman since November 2019.
Pascoe has been chief executive for just under six years. Sure, he cops it from angry members via social media and email, but he’s a darling of most league roundsmen/women and has barely been fingered for the malaise that’s infected this great club.
The Tigers have so much going for them, not least a $75 million centre of excellence and platoons of resources the NRL team has never really had. But the team hasn’t soared whatsoever on his watch.

The problem at the Tigers is their roster, pure and simple, and for that a whole stack of people need to take responsibility.
The abject lack of experience explains why they are drifting in and out of matches; why they can trail the Cowboys 28-6 at halftime, then come screaming back into it in the second; why they can appear to have Manly’s measure for 20-or-so minutes then fold like a cheap suit for the remaining 60.
Consider their spine.
Fullback Daine Laurie, 21, has played 10 matches. Hooker Jake Simpkin, 19, just two. Five-eighth Adam Doueihi has played 56 matches but is also just 22 and still finding his feet in the halves.
Then there’s Brooks, 26, who has played 155 matches but hasn’t developed into the playmaker many of us expected after watching him carve up the Dragons on debut at the SCG all those years ago.
Roster management is about keeping the players you want. The best clubs do it with shrewd aplomb.
The Tigers will be eternally paying the price for letting the best player in the game, James Tedesco, walk out and join the Roosters.
Because it’s so painfully clear this side is in desperate need of a superstar. Or half a superstar. But which superstar would want to join the Tigers unless it’s on enormous money?
Instead, the Tigers have had to recruit whoever they can get and this is where Maguire must shoulder some of the responsibility.

James Roberts was signed on very little money. So were BJ and Luciano Leilua.
The problem is they are completely not Maguire-style players, only sometimes seeming interested.
Players like Corey Thompson and Paul Momirovski are Maguire-style players, ripping in at training and never giving up in matches, yet they are no longer at the club.
Interestingly, the former players I spoke to on Monday thought these types of departures have hurt the club more than that of Benji Marshall.
It’s too simplistic to say Maguire and the Tigers got it wrong with Marshall. He’s revelling in a well-established team at Souths, surrounded with international- and Origin-standard players, having been given a roving commission to do whatever he wants.

What Maguire did miscalculate was the fallout that came when he dropped Marshall early last season. The veteran playmaker was one of his biggest allies. It didn’t take long for the sentiment to swing the other way.
The other criticism of Maguire is he can only “coach one way”. In other words, with the intensity of an SAS officer, not happy until someone or all them are vomiting lactic acid.
To be honest, that’s a copout – something that’s also been acknowledged by former players.
Because what they notice from some members of this Tigers squad is that some care deeply about the result (like Doueihi who was in tears after the Cowboys’ loss), and others (like the ones who are posting on Instagram less than an hour after another defeat) do not.
Those who can’t dance blame it on the music. Too often at the Wests Tigers, players who don’t care enough and officials who aren’t doing their job, blame it on the coach.
If Michael Maguire goes, will life be any different under the next poor soul who comes along?
The number of coaches they have gone through reminds me of another club. Except they have the advantage of being located in Sydney so most players don't need to relocate their families.

If he does get sacked he could dedicate more time to the Kiwis if we can get international football. He's said he love to coach so its probably good that he's doing day to day coaching. The Kiwis haven't been playing so they can't blame his international commitments. Oh wait this an NRL club so be prepared for them to come out and say its because he spent too much time away with the Kiwis last year.