Internationals Kiwi v England 2018 Denver, USA


What should the NZRL do now brightman brightman ?
Business 101, cut your coat according to your cloth and don't chase good money after bad. Jim Doyle seemed to manage just fine when he was doing the job and I cannot imagine a Scotsman paying for games in Denver without asking a few questions of the promoter.

NRL payers get bonuses for rep selection, and the Kiwis have always been paid peanuts to play tests. They do it out of national pride and there will be enough around willing to do it as long as they don't have a train wreck for a coach.
Wow. After the NZRL getting behind their game, this shit? Give Tonga to Aus. Tell the that they can run their own international tournaments, and we will get into bed with the IRLF and organise real events to grow the game without this ugly professional, non-representative organisation who seem to think they have authority over a game that was created in England and taken to the masses by NZ, b4 being raped and pillaged into the woeful spectacle it is becoming.
That was the NZRL's premise for the Denver Test and yet the NRL (Warriors included) scotched that by withdrawing players from selection, whinging about scheduling and travel and not throwing their weight behind a promoter trying to grow the game..
A broadcaster stateside would've bought into that concept after year 2 with big money available for the same or similar event for the remaining years leading into rights to the 2025 WC.
But hey, let's blame the NZRL and the promoter meanwhile Australia and Tonga are cutting our lunch!