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Waiting for the Warriors to win a premiership is like leaving the porch lamp on for Sonny Fai.

Jack Gibson said this of Cronulla, perhaps as a joke. But I don't say it lightly here. We have lost our culture, and forgotten where we have come from and those who have gone before us.

RIP Sonny, we're leaving our light on.


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LOST our culture?!

To Lose something, you have to Have Had It. We're honouring those who've come before us.

Age Shall Not Make Them Better Than They Were, Nore The Years Rosetint. We Shall, Unfortunately, Remember Them. And Copy Them.

And let's also remember that Jack Gibson was eventually wrong.


LOST our culture?!

To Lose something, you have to Have Had It.
That might be exactly what Jack Gibson was thinking when he made is comments about the Sharks? We'll never know,

In any case, we did have a culture, which perhaps some like you don't remember, and fair enough it was a long time ago now. We had a culture where despite being the ultimate underdogs in an Australian competition, we could still beat anyone on our day. That culture lead us to to two grand finals, and I still believe that if we can recapture it, it might one day lead us to a premiership.

I don't know, but I'm keeping the porch light on just in case.
We can surely still beat anyone on our day, though? Always have since 1995.

We were the first team to beat the Storm in their first year of 1998. We backed that up by repeating the trick later in the season.

I was at Mt Smart in 2002 when we beat the Broncos for the first time. Absolute orgasm of joy from lots of people.

I disagree that "we can still beat anyone on our day" got us to two Grand Finals. I'd suggest it was more a commitment to patience, learning not to panic and being somewhat organised. Also, in 2002 I always had the slight feeling that nobody was taking us all that seriously. Teams could have and should have bought their A or at least B+ Game to the Warriors and didn't.

No team can win a premiership by simply going out there as the Warriors always have: "This is how we play. Let's just see if it works." That's fine if you can dominate and control your opponent like the Big Teams often do: "This is how we play. We're good at it and we're not going to let you play your way, cobber!", but if not, any decent team will happily show your style's holes. So you have to adapt. Not something the Warriors have been renouned for (a prime exception being in 2011 when we went to Penrith and Out-Ground the Grinding Panthers.

As to the porch light, I hope you're using LED. Don't want James Shaw and Marama Davidson gettin' medieval on yo' ass.