Staff Jim Doyle

Who is responsible then?
I think it's impossible to lay the blame at any single persons feet.

It was a popular consensus at the time that Cleary/Hart/the-tackle-bots should make way for the Kiwis coach and south Auckland's finest..

Owen Glen certainly bought into it and probably drove the South Auckland angle, seeing as he was also trying to do some big time charity work in South Auckland at the time as well. I think owning the Warriors fit into his bigger south auckland strategy perfectly (for him that is).

Scurrah was operation on the same logic that got the club out of trouble in the early 2000s, and was selling jerseys till the cows came home. So we really needed to let him go instead of Hart. And then have a serious play for a super coach for 2012. That would have been amazing. But the money all got spent on the new Gym for the charity cases...

I blame OG more than anyone... We're fighting right now to undo his legacy IMO.
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