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westie stylz_old

and for the 16 (to date) of you who think Cleary is not the main reason for our poor season....

HUH? eyes bulge....

I can't see any other reasons or theories being floated out there....

recruiting = crap, game plan = crap, cohesion = crap.... etc etc

= crap coaching


I honestly believe Ivan has lost the plot starting with a crazy notion of taking Jones out of retirement. If we don't improve by the end of the year, Ivan must leave the Warriors. I think Stephen Kearny, Melbourne's assitant coach should be our prime target to replace Ivan if or when Ivan is sacked. Ivan this obsession with Stacey Jones as our 7 is ****ing NUTS!!!! WAKE UP IVAN!!!!!


If Phil Gould ever coached the Warriors I would personally go out to Mt Smart on a quiet, dark winters night and burn the stadium to the ground. And since it would probably be pissing down with rain I would take extra kerosene :)

On a serious note though the Warriors have probably been hampered by a lack of proven coaching over their history. We were hyped as a side that would tear it up when we were allowed into the NRL back in the day but we have had Monie, a past it journeyman by the time he took over us who was sacked mid season in 97. Endacott who was coaching Canterbury in NZ before taking the Warriors reserves and then our premier team, he didn't do anything and was ditched, then mark Graham took over. He had done nothing in NRl coaching and lasted 2 years.

Interestingly he went on to the glorious rugby league coachign heights of.... being a defensive coach for a Japanese domestic rugby team. Ring any alarm bells yet?

Daniel Anderson was then plucked from reserve grade footie for the Eels and proved to be a fantastic pick. But he fell away when things starting falling apart and he resigned in 2004. But yet again he was another coach with no track record in the NRL taking us over.

This was fllowed by Kemp. Once again, no coaching credentials in first grade NRL footie. 13 wins and 24 losses later and he was let go.

Then we get Cleary who is plucked out of reserve grade for the Roosters and assistant to Kemp.

I've been real negative on Cleary for months now so I'll say something positive about him. He is cool under pressure. He doesn't waver much and in that respect he's quite like Bennett. He may even have modelled himself on him in some respect which is a good thing to do. Successful coaches like Alex Ferguson also behave in a similar way and it's good to imitate those who have been successful if your personality is adaptable to their style.

Where Cleary has fallen down is his pigheadedness. He simply must acknowledge that NZ are the rugby league world champions and therefore we must have A MASSIVE amount of junior talent. There are around 90 NZ players in the NRL and possibly as many as 300 NZ players in the NRL, Toyota Cup and NSWRL premiership combined. The Warriors tend to get first pick of our good young players. I was out at Mt Smart for my teams (that I manage) secondary school grand final last wednesday and I saw some of the open weight final on after our game and you get to see athletes there that Aussie NRL scouts would crap their pants over.

We get first pick of these guys and yet they get ignored for the likes of Jacob Lilyman? WTF?

Yeah, guys who tackle their arse off are useful but I thought that was why we had Michael Luck who is solid gold. He makes up for blokes who play fast and loose and maybe don't put in the 'd' that they are supposed to. Lets get some footballers and some football back in the team.

I've been watching rugby league at a good standard for 20+ years and this Warriors side is just depressing to watch. One of the least enjoyable teams I've had the misfortune to watch. A league team that scores 2 tries a game in any grade at any level is a joke.

In our seasons these are our average points scored
1995: 24.7
1996: 19.6
1997: 18.4
1998: 17.4
1999: 22.4
2000: 16.4
2001: 24.5
2002: 28.7
2003: 22.7
2004: 17.8
2005: 21.5
we were so bad that Cleary took over at this point...
2006: 23
2007: 24.7
2008: 20.9
2009: 15.3

So we are in the midst of the worst attacking season in Warriors history.

And in fact, this should be in bold type......

This is THE WORST ATTACKING TEAM IN THE ENTIRE NRL SINCE SOUTHS IN 1999 WHO AVERAGED 14.5 points per match. It's not even close. In the last decade we are horrifically bad compared to even the worst attacking teams in that time. And look no further than a halfback who needs a walking frame and a coach who needs a brain transplant.

Sadly, I almost hope they get smacked out of the comp in the next couple of weeks so Cleary will WTFU and blood some younger blokes and admit he's ballsed the season up or else he tells the boys to cut loose because we actually do have a good side (apart from the halves) and deserve to be going better.

Viva la revolucion!!!!

Good post Westie. Couple of points though.

Endacott has a good coaching record. He took the Canterbury side to consistent wins over Wellington and Auckland and Canterbury were crowned provincial champs at one stage. He also has one of the better international coaching records to speak of. He took the Warriors reserves to the NRL reserves grand final before replacing Jon Monie as NRL coach.

Mark Graham was the North Queensland reserves coach under Graham Lowe which is how Graham got the gig with Auckland when Boyle and Lowe took over the club (and i might add Lowe shafted my uncle who was with the club at the time). Graham has also been the defensive coach with the Auckland Blues.

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