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Jamie Soward is actually really informative in the commentary - after hearing the other former players just bag the ref in every other game this weekend.

Oh, and the warriors have this won on the back of their defence, the knights have been trash though
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Has he headed home already? Do we know he isn't at the game? Poor form if he isn't at the game.
They've panned to that inbred Newcastle group several times. Would have thought if SK was there cameras would
have picked him up. Hard to hide them nostrils
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Cherrington will be chomping at Luke's heels next season for sure...

Very encouraging to hear. He was considered 'the next big thing' a few years back, but an endless stream of coaches at the Tigers and the Robbie Farah saga seemed to throw him into a tailspin. Could easily go on to be one those 'awesome bargain basement signings' we used to make.
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