General is steve price out this week?


if steve is selected for origin,is he out of this weeks game against the tigers? If so,rapira will takeover,and the dumped Epalahma lauaki will probably come back.

also ropati and hohai and ahvan will be gone this week.all the suspended people back.


If he makes origin (and I think he should) then yeh we won't see him playing this weekend


If Price gets selected for Origin, then yes, he will be unavailable this week. Then he willplay Origin next week and play for us a few days later, barring injury.


I'll be surprised if Hohaia, Ropati and Ah Van are all sent to premier league, although Hohaia would benefit from an extra week or two to get his leg right.


Why would you be surprised? We're supposed to send our best uninjured non-playing players to premier league..

Do you suspect that some of these players will retain their spots? I'd say Witt and McKinnon are coming back, because their replacements have failed to shine..


Must be watching a different Paddy Ah Van, I thought he was good last night, took the ball back well and saved a try with desperation on Steve Simpson.

I'd have him slot onto the right wing ahead of Todd Byrne, Hohaia to halfback for Rovelli to the bench, and Ropati to the centres with Mannering into the back row.