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Actually I put that torrent back on the scheduler, cos I only saw a downloader with a Russian IP, I didn`t think it would be you. Where are you?

I thought the free account at Megaupload has a limit for downloads, but not uploads. I don`t know what that download limit is, I wouldn`t think 2-3 GB`s a week would be over the download limit, but we`ll find out. I`m planning on the Warriors game and another one every week, will probably be up about 24-36 hours after each game. I only have an Athlon dual core and the compression takes hours, and unfortunately I can`t let my pc work during the night as it`s in my bedroom. My laptop, which I use for torrenting at night, is in the kitchen and it`s quiet anyway.

Russians into their league huh - word is spreading. I'm in London at the mo. Let's see where this recession takes us...

I'm testing Megaupload at the mo - downloading 2 files simultaneously, and well, the second one doesn't seem to be moving. Just checked things now and you can't do simultaneous d/l's - have to wait 7 mins. My speed tops out at 250KB/s.

P.S. you should definitely check out d/ling via rapidshare rather than torrents - way faster, but hey if you aren't in a hurry then no biggie.
I hear ya bro - that computer whine is just enough to bug you aye.
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I mostly download via Usenet, which maxes my line, but I prefer to upload somewhere where it`s accessible for free. and gets out to the audience that needs it. Yeah torrents are quite slow, but they are searchable and useful for spreading the word. But I can still keep torrenting, even if I upload to rapidshare or MegaUpload, so no real issues.


there is also a thing you can do with (collectors)rapidshare if you have premium megaupload download links you can use the remote upload feature,what it does is it downloads the link and puts it up on rapidshare (takes seconds) alot better then uploading all the files twice if you wanted them on 2 hosts

hope that kind of made sense ...