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Mar 30, 2012
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Version is likely to come late January 2016
Android Version is likely to come around February/March 2016

As suggested earlier, the apps will be free.

(dont hold me to these dates. Development is done outside of these forums)

What you can expect from these apps:
- Push Notifications.
- Easy read and reply (kinda like tapatalk)
- Access to your user account/conversations/notifications
- mobile friendly view - not simply a mobile browser wrapped around in a mobile app.

What you cannot expect from these apps (atleast in early releases)
- Other functionality on this site such as Articles, Player/Staff/Jersey Profiles, (Power Rankings - new feature for 2016), Fixtures list, Player Ratings, Media Gallery, Player Stats, Virtual Bookie, Tipping, Knockout Tipping.
- Ability to rate posts anything other than 'Like'.
- Recent posts widget that comes at the top of the forum listing displaying recent threads etc.
- Few other customisations that are currently on this site.

To put simply, it will be a barebone forum/discussion app for this site.

If you want to support this initiative please upgrade your membership to a 'contributing member' membership which will disable all the ads on the mobile as well as the desktop site, when it will be offered earlier next year.

Note that the development of this mobile app is being done in conjunction with a large number of forums on the same platform. Its simply not feasible to get this done exclusively for the site where the app would cost upwards of 10k+, so please support it, share the app with other likeminded warriors fans, when it becomes available.

Will post some screenshots when it becomes available and has been customised for our requirements.

Any queries?
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