See this is an immediate turn off. Man Kayo is so much better. You can have multiple screens/devices watch the same game. I don’t get what the nz sports streaming services are on.
Oh agreed. I sent them that feedback previosuly.

International ones are starting to clamp downa bit with Netflix looking at new tiers ot be fair. But yeah my assesment of it being good was in comparrison to Sky being shit haha.
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I really like Spark Sport and am glad there is some competition now.

Before Spark Sport came along Sky Go was dooooog shit. Quality dropped all the time, frozen all the time, it sucked.

Having Spark Sport doing good live streaming of sport made Sky pull their thumbs out.

I would also rather have one good service that was affordable. But without competition you get 1 service that isnt good or affordable.
Spark sux
This is a random idea but here me out.

What if say the kiwis and the rest of the pacific teams applied to join the arlc? I noticed that the 14 clubs plus the 2 state leagues are part of the arlc. The majority if not all of the tv money comes from the nrl and origin. I wonder if they pacific teams all joined that the arlc could create a tv bid that included a 6 nations at the end of the season. The money from the tv deal then would be divided amongst the pacific teams and an actual prioritising of the international game as there would be no conflict of interest.

Now I know this would never happen but just trying to think of ways you could get buy in from the nrl to shorten the season and build an international comp that could draw the interest of fox or even a paramount. You could then sell different packages to different broadcasters.

Just an idea
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