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I have a brillaint idea, the warriors when they lots of money and Bradley Mika comes off contract we should get him.
Now tradtionally rugby fowards go pretty average when the convert to league, however i just saw Rico Gear, and this massive Islander ( I really can't describe how big he is , i am not a small man myself about 6 foot tall and 95 kilo... and i felt small really small. He is gargantuan) which leads me to beleive that he could and should be playing league, I think he could be effective. (over the years i have meet many of the crusaders all big men so its not like im unacustom to the larger of our species) when i was near him it felt sort of weird unlike

And Geoff Allot goes to the same boxing place i goto GEOFF ALLOT! he is awesome, for someone who had seven stress fractures in his back.

PS Brad Mika, Huge put him on the bench let him crash it up all day it will be great.
yes paying shitloads of money to a rugby convert who might/might not make it in league and to put him on the bench is a great idea!!!

Yeah your right Brad Mika is absolutely huge. Me and my mates were having a discussion about it on Saturday after the game actually -- he even towers over most people even when you watch him play in the stadium.

But guess how heavy he is?


How tall he is?


That. Is. Huge.

That is 5cm taller than Steve Price who is tall in his own right.

But yeah, don't know how he would do in league but I wouldn't want to be trying to take him down.,80,291,html/Bradley-Mika
Waist of time getting a rugby player unless it's a number 1st or 2nd 5/8 or fullback
AmeriKiwi said:
Tell Mika the NFL is looking for him.

Yeah he is about the size of a tight end or defensive end, yeah i know it might not work but i reckon it would be a safer bet then say Mark Carter.
players coming to league from union are exempt from the cap for the first year ??

thats what i understood anyhow.
old kiwi said:
players coming to league from union are exempt from the cap for the first year ??

thats what i understood anyhow.

LOL. If they plan to sign him for 5 years then they should pay him like $2,000,000 in the first season then don't pay him for the next four years :)

Thats considering he would be worth $400,000 per year which is pretty hard to predict.
its something along the lines of the " 10 years at one club" clause in the nrl cap.

after the first year the guys salary comes from the cap..

i,ll have a dig around and see what i can find..
remember that the club will still have to pay his salary even if it doesnt count in the cap. considering that warriors made a 500k loss last season and losses likely in millions this season, i doubt the club would want to make such purchases.
The rugby players being exempt only counts if the players are under 21 years old.
As for rugby players making the transition. Give me Tuitupou over Mika any day.
Remember Billy Weepu, Perri's brother? A huge man but he wasn't mobil enough for the modern game of league. The Warriors have long been known as having huge forwards but most smart NRL teams (and ESL clubs when they played the super league world club challenge) reckoned you could beat the Warriors big men by making them move side ways. In other words make them move left then either switch back to the right or throw a ball to a runner coming off your shoulder and get the Warriors big men to move sideways...and beat them. Also the Warriors big men have ALWAYS been known to flag badly anarobicly when the pace of the game picks up.... Brad Mika would be another huge man thats tires badly so would need to have a bench player to cover for him, add to that your tying up big money for him and he's untried and i think your asking for trouble!!

Personally i think if they do chase anyone it should be to get Jerry Collins back into league, after all he is a league player and already knows the game and wouldn't need long to get back into it.
Just about half the Wellington team are former league players. Nonu, Weepu, Collins, Umaga etc. There's four reasons right there why we need a second team in Wellington, to stop these sort of players from going to Union.
Yep i totally agree, we need another NRL team, the good news is the NRL have said it's a matter of when not if we have a second team.

But personally i'd like to see Canterbury (NZ) have the second team.
Where all that, "GIVE OUR YOUNG GUNS A GO" call gone.
Now you want to give rah-rah an opening....BAHHH!!!!

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