Internationals HUNT GOT KO'ed

Its was awesum to see, Hope Pritchard has no charges
he was very much owned tonight but he does get the last laugh with his team winining
I think he will have trouble remembering his own name for a few days.
Hunt was clearly not yet up to international standards - after that first hit he looked as if he wanted to run and hide in the corner. Made some nervous errors and generally looked like a rabbit in the headlights when he got the ball.
To be fair he was on a hiding to nothing coming into the game... literally - but we should just be thankful Bowen wasn't playing, I'd hate to think how much bigger the winning margin would have been.
As it was, the Roos just shoved Lockyer to fullback and Thurston to 5/8... if anything they gained momentum when Hunt got KO'd.
The incident itself was accidental. Probably loose a few points but at the worsed.
It was worth the loss.

Even tho we came off worse off, I for one am more than happy.

If only Sonny Bill had been lower when targeting Hunt, Karmichael would've been hopistalised.

Bloody good job Khunt you deserved everything that was served up tonight.

P.S. The ref was an asshole!
hunt without being bias was one of the worst players on field. wouldnt say its his fault. the kiwis aimed up HARD at him. dont blame the guys for being nervous.
nothing worse than having angry kiwis after u...
From todays sydney morning herald:

Hunt remembers little of league debut
May 6, 2006 - 5:49AM

Australian rookie Karmichael Hunt had no recollection of his Test debut which lasted 50 minutes before he was wiped out by New Zealand forward Frank Pritchard.

The Auckland-born teenager, who upset the Kiwis by electing to play for Australia, was ferried from Suncorp Stadium on a medicab after Pritchard smashed him with his shoulder in the 50th minute.

Pritchard took an early plea to a grade two careless high tackle worth 93 points and will be able to play for the Panthers against the Cowboys.

Hunt, who could barely talk when taken from the field, was nursing quite a headache after the game.

He will decide Saturday if he plays for Brisbane against Newcastle.

"I remember a little bit of the first half, nothing much after that.

"I've got a headache and feel a bit crook in the guts.

"I don't remember anything about the tackle at all."

Earlier in the week Pritchard warned Hunt to expect a torrid night.

"Just wait for the Test, he'll wish he played for us," he said.Both Australian coach Ricky Stuart and captain Darren Lockyer felt the tackle changed the game.

Australia were ahead 20-12 at the time and piled on 30 points in 30 minutes after the young fullback was taken from the field.

"It was a turning point," said Lockyer, who scored two tries and worked perfectly with Johns.

"The guys all lifted and dug in after that."
Hunt was able to go on the field and join his teammates after the game.

""I was glad he could go out and enjoy what was a special moment," said Stuart.

When Hunt looks at a replay of his debut he will probably cringe more at an incident early in the first half rather than the sickening hit by Pritchard.

Hunt threw a poor pass in goal to winger Matt King which almost gifted New Zealand a try.


reminds me a bit of when Villa gave Fitler a bit of a touch up in the Grand Final...Aussies tend to lift.
Glad to see Frank can play against the Cowboys..
It was great to see. Personally i thought Hunt dropped his nuts after his first hitup when he got hit hard. Wabout the crowd booing him when he caught the 1st ball
I think it was great that the Kiwis actually lived up to what they had been saying all week and actually went out there and smashed him up. Unless Hunt has a marquee year for the Broncos for the rest of the season I think we can expect to not see him in a Kangaroo's jersey anytime soon.
Who cares if Hunt got smashed in an illegal tackle? If someone had come up into his ribs and smashed the air out of his lungs, I'd say fair play, but we couldn't even get that right.
To see Webster slapping Pritchard on the back when it looked like the bloke was seriously injured, that's a bit dubious, but it shows how much the kiwi's (and fans) got suckered in by the whole Hunt thing. Better to find a way to win the game than take out a minor cog in the aussie machine.
Now we have people going to bed happy that Hunt got taken out in an illegal tackle, when we just got pulverised by 50 points. Got to question that sort of mentality.
Atleast Frank can play against the cowboys.

It wuold have been wrong if he was suspended, it wasnt even high..khunt fell into it.

Great hit none the less lol. Will teach him...
all i can say is hahahahahahahahahahahahaah!!!
he was warned...
FRom the slow motion replay, I thought there was nothing wrong with that tackle at all...It was a ball and all tackle aimed at the chest, which obviously backfired when Hunt fell into the tackle. It was unfortunate at the most...but I'm still smiling and whoever has a problem with that can kiss my a$$.

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