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Lance has been awesome for ages, definitely before 2007.

How do I know this? Because in 2006 when I was working at Suncorp, the Warriors had a game against the Broncos (which they lost). However I was waiting outside with the horde of kids when the players came out, and I asked Lance if he was staying at the Warriors...and he said yes. I remember being happy about this.

Why would I be happy if he was shit?

If that's not evidence I don't know what is.

Kaiaua krusher_old

Not surprising really as he is also an integral part of the Kiwi team as well. Any shift to the UK didn't enter the equation. He is loyal, feels he still has lots to offer the Club on and off the field, has a great lifestyle, making good business decisions, plays an average of 60mins a game and so extends his career where others are getting bashed everygame, but most important he has probably had a contract upgrade. That's my read, I am not privvy to those details, but I do know he had interests from other Clubs to consider. So JB, a mix of a whole lot to consider. I think the tax issue in the UK will impact on "that retirement plan" for many players into the future.


Great news, Lance has matured as player in the past few years, it's just taken a while for the coaching staff to find his posistion. Super-sub in my opinion is his best posistion where he can be let loose & tear holes through the tiring opposistion.