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da mad maori

To defeat one of the top teams in the ESL is no mean feat. Stacey directed play superbly but I would have given one of the props, the P.O.T.Day.
Good game by the hooker also.
haha can someone delete my thread about the game i made it at the same time as this one please
Anonymous said:
da mad maori said:
B.T.W. 40 points to Wigan ????

Now who said that.????

Oh dear.....I wonder which clown would have said that :oops:


Whoa.....what happened there......I wasn't logged in and it let
me post as a "Guest"...wierd.
Great game by the whole team, led well by Stace and Rinaldi.
I hope they show a lot more of the Dragons games this year, great entertainment.

Hopefully Milward will choke on his tears.

For a team that only has a stand in coach, Les Catalans will only get better.
Robster said:
Great game by Justin Murphy also

LOL! I knew you would say something about murphy. suprised he isn't on your avatar rob?
it was a good watch
stacy and rudder worked off each other well
a great first up win for stacey
beattie played a strong no nosense game
feka and jerry chimed in well for wigan
but good to see stacy get a win
Was it played t JJB or in France, if it was in France, any idea on what the crowd numbers were?
i forgot this was on lol.good result for the supposed whipping boys of the comp. I will try and watch the replay at tonight sometime
RS_Dragon said:
Was it played t JJB or in France, if it was in France, any idea on what the crowd numbers were?

Pepingnon, or something like that, in France.
Between 10 an 11 thou.

ESOG, I'll go and check replay times.

Back again... Sky Sport 2, 11-30 tonight.
yeah was just going to post that they official crowd figure was 11,121.
Stacey's interview with Murray Deaker is at 2.30 this afternoon ZB stations. I heard a brief comment from Stacey on the news - along the lines that the French players were up for it all through the week and that it was wonderful to see the jubilation on their faces after the win. Maintaining that commitment will be the problem.

Dead right Kav,...still,... hope they can make their home ground a scary place to visit. Just like Ericcson should be.
Havent seen Stacey with a smile on his face for such a long time. Not just the once either.
If only Ericsson had that sort of atmosphere. 11 and a bit thou and look at the noise they made..
Did anyone record the game or is gona record the replay

did any one record the game. If any one did can i browo the tape. i will pay for postage an ill even sent you the tape back an also a blank vcr tape.

or could sumone record the replay thats gona be on tonite for me please. an ill do the same as above
I agree DMM

The curly headed hooker was outstanding for them and that Fakir bloke looks good but tends to just run straight, could get lined up a few times.

Feka had more game time in 1 game for Wigan than he would have had in 5 for the Warriors. Must admit he is very quiet on defence. Jerry played well.

Interesting to note what Stacey said at the end of his interview:

"I would just like to say, hello to Mum and Dad, and to the Warrior boys"....

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