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It's 100% true! I'm going to have to find the link aren't I lol. Tomorrow I will search the net for it. Used to have it saved for the doubters. Have to admit I didn't 100% believe it at first. Campion spoke about it at a prize giving as well.
Rats in KFC??
Urban myths.someone you know,who knows someone they know, has found a bartered rat in his or hers bucket of KFC, it started in the states around 1960 urban myths or old wife's tales,like don't swallow that chewing gum it takes 7 years to dissolve it's like shit mum where you get that shit from,and that was followed by wait intill your old man gets home,but that one ain't no myth

Anderson cost us the grand final - Campion
01 October 2006

Kevin Campion has launched an extraordinary attack on former Warriors coach Daniel Anderson -accusing him of costing the team an NRL grand final.

Campion, captain of the Warriors side which made the 2002 premiership finals, said Anderson's attempted halftime pep talk backfired so badly the team went to pieces.

The Warriors ended up being thrashed 30-8 by the Sydney Roosters.

Down just 2-6 at the break, the Warriors players gathered in the sheds to wait for Anderson's instructions.

But Campion said, instead of talking tactics, Anderson walked into the dressing room with a tape recorder, turning on a mock commentary of the Warriors beating the Broncos.

Then he walked out without a further word.

"That halftime speech goes down as one of the worst things I have ever heard - it was just ridiculous," Campion told Sunday News.

"I am not too sure what he was thinking. "He made us this tape of a mock commentary and must have thought the Broncos would make the grand final."

On the tape the Warriors scored a try to win the final.

"He never addressed us at halftime.

"He brought a tape recorder in, said, "Boys I want you to listen to this", and then walked out.

"It starts playing, "Welcome to the 2002 grand final, the Warriors versus the Broncos".

"I flipped out and thought, "What is this?"

"I was just going, "Turn that s*** off".

"I was screaming, "What the **** is this?"

Campion said some of his younger teammates were visibly confused by Anderson's ploy.
Fuck that's insanity I have never heared that before man. that's why Richard vilisanti makes that stupid head but tackle on fitter,and that's the game fuck.

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