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Mark Gasnier has reportedly been offered around 1 mil a year by the aussie rugby union which he is seriously considering.

should he be allowed to rep aussie in the ANZAC test while he is considering the offer and should he accept it, should he be able to rep aussie in the tri series later this year ??
Gordon Tallis came out and said, he [gaznier] should make himself unavailable from rep footy, until his dealings with union, are finalised.
Sound advice too I reckon.
Yes, yes, and yes.

I don't think its around $1million either.

He should be allowed to play the test. He plays league and he is Australian isn't he?

Yes he should be allowed to play the Tri-Nations, he would play rugby and he is Australian isn't he?

Its pretty black and white :D

So hang on DMM, Webb should not play the test either right? Because he was considering rugby offers? As long as he plays league and he is Australian, he should be selected.

Too much politics, not enough sport.
1.8m for 3 years.

I would say he will jump.

don't blame him really, new challenge etc and the money.

He won't be playing tri-nations as they have mentioned that he would be going on the November tour with the Wallabies.

Would be a blow to League as he is a very very good player.
If Webb is in negotiations with union, then YES. Going back, even Sharkey shouldnt have donned the Warriors jersey. But thats another staory.
there is no way he shouldn't be picked just because he has been offered a rugby is that fair on gaz?
Unless he knows what he wants he shouldn't play in the test. Becuase if he does decide to move what's the point? His heart wouldn't be in it and he's jsut be there...because...he is. Get my drift? As much as i would be mad if he left I still think the ARU are wrong in not going through their own talent ranks to find players. Instead racking up money from goodness where (money under the table I say. Because there is no way in hell they could muster that much with four super 14 teams and one being new, with the Force alredy signing that other dude for a pretty big money record) for him. HOnestly if he goes it's his decision but it's a waste of time, didn't Salior say once the reason he went to union was because it was less work and more money? Pretty slack
a player shouldn't punished for being a good player, and being offered good money..."so lets say benji was in talks with nzru for swapping over next year" - would you leave him out of the kiwis, if he's in form?

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