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Hey Guys I have come to a decision. It's been tough but one person has really stood out to me.

Congrats Eva!!.

Eva has been a fan since she was 11, now 25 and has never owned a Warriors Jersey. For a large portion of her fanship life she would have to watch delayed cover on prime.. Until she managed to get a job and get Sky just so she can watch the Warriors. She has made a few trips to Auckland to see a few games and has been to both Warriors games this year and last year. She supports the team by having a Warriors steering wheel and seatbelt cover in her car. She plans to buy a Warriors hoody as a Graduation gift to herself later on in the year. But I think this Warriors fan can treat herself to a jersey.

To the others who applied. I'm sorry and I wished a had more then 1 jersey to give away. We are all Warrior fans, 1 team and 1 matter what our finical or life situation is - this is Warrior Nation. KIa kaha.

Everyone have a fantastic Easter.

God Bless.

need more people like you in the world Robster.


Warriors tragic
fantastic gesture ROBSTER and congrats to EVA, i'm sure you have made her day, you should feel really proud of yourself Rob that is a wonderful thing you have done.
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