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If forced to choose out of signing either player, who's top of your list ?

  • Shaun Johnson

  • Keiran Foran

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Of course he would, but then if Miss Pope is so keen to have Keiran be closer to his kids why hasn't she brought the kids to NZ? This is obviously an underhanded attempt to coerce Foran into signing on by a player agent and the dogs by why of the media, sign on and you are closer to your kids with fatherly support at hand or don't sign and you don't care about your kids. Not once is there a direct quote from Hasler or dogs management let alone Miss Pope or even Sam Ayoub who is most definitely the mastermind behind this charade.

Let's not forget that Miss Pope and Keiran are seperated and that it was most likely her choice, she'll have her reasons and that is fine. But to use the kids in her name is downright bullshit. At the heart of this is Foran, who couldn't manage with the life choices he'd made at that time and tried to escape by way of self harm. He's better now thank god (and GODoyle) but is he recovered enough to deal with these sort of manipulative people, let alone work for them.

The player agent is the conspirator behind this story and is likely financing this agenda with the dogs unofficial support, the reporter gets his loot and further secures his foothold to access priveledged inside information. This is big business to alot of people in a big city within a sports game both synonymous with unfavorable characters, move over Eddie Hayson!

Ultimately and in hindsight Foran would avoided so many of his recent troubles in life if he'd have accepted GODoyle's original contract offer, does he have the strength and wisdom to learn from the past..

BTW, Godfather Don McKinnon never mentions any player agents in the article that was published on the same day as that Danny Weilder crap..
This right here is exactly how I see it also. The Sydney media would love to have another crack at Kerin. They sold a shit tonne of advertising while running him through the mud. Zero compassion for his life and death struggle. They were just out to get him cause it was profitable.

And what exactly happened to that match fixing scandal?

If you believed the papers at the time he was guilty as sin. But yet today, not a whisper about how he's totally innocent.

He really needs to consider the Media feeding frenzy he could be walking into.

Any player of his caliber is going to get massive media scrutiny. It's just how the game works. We don't know, but him leaving Manly could have been the reason he was attacked by the press. A Manly member working for the Press could have decided to wreck him for leaving and sparked this whole series of stories off. If he signs with the Bulldogs, what's to stop some Eels supporting press member having a crack at him and sparking off another blood thirsty series of fake crimes? That seems to be the cesspool that is Sydney.

As for this all being a conspiracy theory, the Match Fixing Scandal was the only Conspiracy Theory as far as I can tell.
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I’m almost tempted to change my vote after 2 games.

Seems to have the knack of delivering the key play. Not really a knack, just does it. Was like that at Manly too, would create something by throwing himself at the line.

You'd think the straight up and down traditional half would be easier to come by, but they are as rare as anything these days.

Pearce plays a sort of similar game, but not as good. Cronk obviously, but he's almost retired and Foran is only 26.
Hey sup you need to take a screen shot of the poll and reset it after this weeks game. Different results on the field may show a very different result in the poll.
Good ideas.

I missed the chance to do the screen shot, life got in the way.

I don't know how to reset the poll....originally I thought it would be good to re run the poll at Seasons end.
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Warriors Orange Peeler
I also didnt hesitate. Kieran Foran in a heartbeat. What the club is missing is a General. We are missing direction. Even Shaun Johnson himself said it wasnt until playing with Foran in his first game for us that he saw what was missing from the team. We need true leadership out there. No doubt DCE is missing that as well. With or without the fancy stepping of Shaun Johnson we would consistently do better with Foran there.

Preferably we keep both of course but faced with having only one its Foran by a mile for mine...


Billy Teets James

That would be great. However with his kids in Australia and his comments about them in the press, I can't see Foran staying in NZ. So the real risk lies with Shaun Johnson and it looks like he needs to be convinced that the Warriors will be genuinely competitive going forward. We better start winning a lot of games.

Obviously, We all know his kids are in Australia. And of course he misses them.
I'm hoping reconciliation with his partner is on the cards. And a possible move to the land of the long white cloud.
And then, At least a 5 year contract extension!!

Yes dreams are free! But this is the only scenario i see happening. At least in my head.
Then Shaun Johnson will sign on.

Happy days! Lol