Podcast Fonzie Talks Warriors - Ep 2.17


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May 20, 2019
Thank you fonzie for your dedication delivering podcast for us. Been a tough old year not just being a Warriors supporter but living through lockdowns and raising a young family.

Really look forward to your season review, keep up the great work and stay safe.



1st Grade Fringe
Aug 12, 2013
Thanks for taking the time to create an interesting listen as always Fonzie Fonzie.
If we were trying to "shop" Evans by giving him a run vs the Titans I can understand the logic. If we were also trying to do the same in the must win game against the Raiders at the expense of Jamayne Tounua-Brown (fresh off his most productive game in 2021) & Jazz (I hope your theory is correct) then either Brownie had been given an indication his job wasn't under threat, or him & his selection committee are low functioning
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