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Mar 7, 2015
Age catching up with Roosters this season? A few are over 30. Young mans game as my Grandad used to say
They got some younguns in that line up. Kids. Practically still in diapers.

They're missing a leader on the field. Cronk was a massive loss for them.

Bring on SBW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edit: neck complaint???????? WTF


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Apr 2, 2015
Brad Fittler must be giving serious thought in going with Cleary + Luai for NSW for State of Origin. Hopefully he decides to go with the Kiwis (His parents are Kiwis but, he is born in Sydney), He has played for the Junior Kiwis previously, but that hasn't stopped Queensland from selecting Holmes Papalii etc. I remember previously he stated his international allegiance was to play for the Kiwis.

Who would've guess that potentially the Kiwis halves for the World Cup could be Jarome Luai and Dylan Brown.
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