Internationals FIJI RLWC 2017 Campaign

FIJI RLWC 2017 Campaign
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Fiji missing a few players for various reasons. Reegan Campbell-Gillard, Daniel Saifiti, Tariq Sims, John Sutton, Jayson Bakuya and Waqa Blake.
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In advance of this weekends game, an unlikely tale about about Fiji's links with Rochdale of all places, formed through Rugby League. Written prior to Fiji playing at Rochdale in the 2013 world cup


People as old as me may recognise the interviewer as Eddie Waring
I digress but....I had the privilege of meeting some characters from your SAS.
The Iranian Embassy rescue by Brittish special forces was televised live as you know.

The SAS explosive charges accidentally hit one of their own.

The guy with his Jaw nearly blown off....hanginging upside down on TV live was a Fijian Rochdale Hornet blue blood.
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I won't post this in the Kiwis RLWC thread even though that is the defacto game day thread. That one is probably better for venting on the Kiwis failure.

From the start of this game Fiji looked like the better side. Looked more organised and played like they had some semblance of a plan besides throw the ball around and win cause we're a better side. They also respected the ball a lot better than the Kiwis who dug themselves into an even deeper hole with silly mistakes.

A lot of posters mentioned Fiji as being underated and going about their business while the attention was all on the other sides. You guys were spot on.

Most of the attention was on their backs and Koroisau. Their forwards stood up tonight