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Yeah I agree, can't understand some of the response.

On the topic itself, have the Eels board made any reference to any racial vilification?

Only that it's nonsense. I'm not sure if it was part of an official statement, or if it was a comment from someone on the board, but both the club ( ibelieve) and the player involved have denied it.

Interesting, too, that Betham was mentioned in the paper talking about how Anderson would polarise his players in a desperate attempt to avoid the inevitable, but that he was never racist in doing so.
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How was it widely known news that Mateo may try to worm his way out of it? The reaction on here suggested otherwise.

Even Anderson's sacking was nothing close to being confirmed at the time, most would have assumed it would happen, but that's not the same as knowing.

I was referring to Anderson's sacking, not Mateo's renegging...the latter of which has been rumoured for months.

Of course, it's a semantics thing. One can know something without having 100% proof.