General Expansion of the NRL


Kid- Cricket's only ever played at MCG but yeh
JJ- No idea, I don't go to those! lol. Might see if I feel up to it this year but I think during thier champiionship run they had close to full houses

westie stylz_old

Did any of you see on the Sunday roast about 4 weeks ago, they were discussing the Adelaide Rams? Now Adelaide is an AFL Mecca with almost no knowledge of League, but they are 'sport' enthusiasts and were getting an average of, get this...... 16,000 to every home game they ever had. That's pretty impressive for a non League town.

Correction. Adelaide averaged 15,330 in their first season and 7,472 in their second. A bit like the Warriors going from 26,450 in their first to 20,126 in their second to 15,442 in their third to 8,858 in their fourth.

I think Wellington is deserving of a team. They support sports well, and as noted we have over 80 NZers in first grade this year and all up probably 250+ playing in NRL and feeder clubs. All that and we get one team in the NRL.

It's obviously a financial decision but if they get it right with a rationalisation of the comp so that the market is spread further then it would benefit all teams.

Sydney needs to lose AT LEAST 3 teams, and probably as many as 5 so that they have 4 sides. The 5 teams they lose could then be spread to the Central Coast, Adelaide, Perth, Wellington and one more Queensland team. But right now there isn't the talent to introduce more teams without first getting rid of some of the existing ones.

I went on google earth a while ago to look at where clubs were situated (ie. how close to each other and residential areas/markets etc) and what sort of facilities, room for expansion they had.

It was quite interesting and if people have a bit of spare time I'd suggest they check them out. Brookvale is amazing. A smallish ground in the middle of a suburb with ZERO carparking, simply surrounded by tree lined streets and houses. Makes Eden Park look like it's in the middle of nowhere.

I don't see how they can survive there and would consider them a prime candidate to move to the Central Coast. Only problem is that would mean no team in north sydney unless they completely revamped North Sydney oval (which they can't really as it's a cricket ground also) and put a team there.

But several others teams need to up and move to Adelaide, Perth... or else merge. It's just hard to work out who. Especially with rivalries. Parramatta and Bulldogs hate each other. Tigers already merged with the magpies but it worked quote well so maybe they could hook up with the Panthers and form a west sydney team.

The Sharks, Dragons, Rabbits and Roosters could merge to form maybe two teams like a south team and a central team.

All will get gradually played out over the coming years no doubt and will be fascinating to see the maneuvering, vision and lack of it. I'd say the game will look somewhat different though in 10 years time.