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May 7, 2012
Salford remind me of the Warriors, not great at either end of the field

When I see Loloheia playing in Salford it tells me how important a huge pack is in league, he can look like a superstar with Tonga where you have probably the best pack in league currently but with this average pack he looks mediocre

Nice comeback after a poor start on the back of a bad penalty count from Salford, not very Warriorlike
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May 23, 2012
Wigan, England
He must be either injured or plain disinterested. As you say, looks nowhere near NRL class atm
Sam Burgess said pre season that he has never seen him so fit which is a worry.

We have the same issue as last season in that our pack is too young to front up for 80 minutes and the bigger clubs will run over us like Salford did in the 2nd half. We will probably be top 4 but that says more about the standard of the comp really.