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Sao did well for us in patches. The problem was it was only patches.

2018 he was great for us at the start of the season. Then some of the bigger names came back and he got relegated. He should of been brought back up when we started to struggle late in the season.
I disagree. Sao was fantastic for us in the start of 2018 where he filled in for Mannering at 13. He was and still is a very capable player. I feel his lack of speed was always held against him. He was the slowest in the team...
Anthony Gelling has been stood down by Warrington on suspicion of wounding with intent. A police investigation is under way. That could be it for his career if he’s found guilty.
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It's strange how many supposedly shrewd, hard nosed businessmen make risky decisions when they become chairmen of sports teams by underwriting 'statement' signings such as that of SBW, when the biggest and best statement of all would be a top half finish.


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I don't have a problem with the SBW signing - he's a drawcard.
They should have recruited better in other areas as well. You can't rely on a semi-retired player to make you competitive.
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Wakefield’s surprise win over Warrington is bad new season for Toronto. If the Wolfpack get relegated will the club survive?