General ESL 2017






Next game up is tonight, 8pm (7am Friday NZ time) live on Sky.
Wigan v Warrington.
Wigan are coming into some form. Despite a couple of recent wins against poor teams, Warrington have seriously underperformed this season.

I'll therefore go for the pie eaters.
Todays game sees Castleford v Salford at the Mend-A Hose Jungle (Wheldon Road in reality)
Couple of key players missing for Cas, Webster and Milner. Salford change 5 of the pack since the Leeds loss.
Kick off in 20 minutes
For those of us who want to jump on the Salford bandwagon to see how Manu goes, what's the best way to watch games other than SKY NZ (which only seems to show a couple of feature games each weekend)?

Although it doesn't look like Manu will get a run against Leigh.