Podcast Episode 3.22 - It's not coming home ...

Eddie - VFTES

Warriors Bench Player
May 10, 2018
Here is the latest episode fresh from the studio. We dissect the loss in Penrith last Friday, talk about some Vodafone Warriors and NRL news, look back to last night's Origin decider and preview our trip to Suncorp on Sunday. Just don't mention the World Cup ...
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Eddie - VFTES

Warriors Bench Player
May 10, 2018
After a big win yesterday we can't wait to podcast on Thursday night but in the mean time have a listen to last weeks podcast, our predictions may not have been right (apart from Jono) but hopefully you'll find the rest of the podcast entertaining.
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1st Grade Fringe
Feb 19, 2017
Podcast night tonight can't wait as there is plenty to talk about, send me a message or post here if there are any Warriors specific topics you would like to hear discussed in the coming weeks on the podcast.

Blair V Simon
Now Simons retired and was thinking about it since last year. Blairs obviously brought here to replace mannering. Brings less metres but probably more away from the field. How are we going to look going forward.
Especially in the forwards.
How will there rolls in the middle differ.


Warriors 1st Grader
Mar 7, 2015
Mannerings retirement
Luke’s contract
Where will we finish in the top 8?
Cheating Refs
What’s changed since ARL took ownership?
Warriors culture - what has changed
Kearney and his use of the bench - genius or delusional?
How come suck playing at home?

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