Player Eliesa Katoa


If Katoa has any brains he will ask for a release and go develop elsewhere under a competent coach. To see his raw natural skill being reigned in is depressing. Any other team would have continued harnessing it or trying to unleash it to its full potential.

His talent is one you build a whole edge around. Everytime he touches the ball he should have support runners off each shoulder. His decoy value alone would open up opportunities for players inside and outside him.

His debut season was better than Ali Lauiti'iti debut year or even better than Ali's first two seasons.

Let that sink in.

He has the potential to be the best offloader we have ever had and we have two of the very best in the recent game...
Disagree. His work rate isn’t good enough. In his 5 games not once did he run over 100m. Missed 2-3 tackles on average. Made 1 offload. Made zero line breaks.

hes young. It’s part of his development. How can we expect a 20yo to play 80 min week after week. He’ll bounce back.

It also reinforces no spot is safe. if he throws his toys (which he won’t), then he needs to grow up. We’ve just signed him for 4 years, and he’s our future. If he can’t see he needs work then he’s not the player we want. No one should be complacent.
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