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Mr Brownstone

1st Grade Fringe
Nov 9, 2014
The Department of Defence 👊

1. Gary Belcher
2. Israel Folau
3. Tom Trbojevic
4. Gene Miles
5. Latrell Mitchell
6. Benji Marshall
7. Ricky Stuart
8. Petero Civoniceva
9. Andrew Johns
10. Steve Roach
11. Ian Roberts
12. Tonnie Carroll
13. Brandon Smith

14. Duane Mann
15. Russle Packer
16. Matt Rua
17. Shaun Kenny-Dowall

Coach: Genghis Khan,
Home ground: parts unknown.

Well it all starts upfront folks and Civoniceva and Roach need no introduction- the two most dominant and decorated props of their generation. Men mountains with ball skills and bad intentions.
Speaking of bad intentions….. their replacement Russle “fudge” Packer- Soaked in urine and looking to stomp MFs- a propping rotation nightmares are made of.
In the back row two of the biggest hitters of all time- Ian Roberts and Tonnie Carroll- when these two were on the field, people ran the other way but there’s no respite because spelling them is 5 x winner of the players poll biggest hitter- Matt Rua- there’s no where to hide.
I wrestled with the decision to move Joey Johns the greatest ever halfback to hooker- I knew he had played there a lot for NSW but after researching the idea discovered he actually played 12 of his 25 test matches at hooker- this guy was born to play football and won the 96 grand final for Newcastle with a dart from dummy half in the dying seconds of one of the most famous games of all time.
There’s a beautiful balance in the halves with master game manager Ricky Stuart utilizing his unmatched kicking and passing games to free up the genius of Benji Marshall.
The outside backs are giants with pace and skill- Miles, turbo, Latrell and Izzy- wtf is that! Scary shit.
The classy Gary Belcher claims the number 1 jersey ahead of some stiff competition- his speed and elusive running style complimented by his cool head and safe hands- the total package.
This team is scary- u don’t want them running at u and u definitely don’t wanna be running at them- big men with power and timing who hit hard right across the park.
On attack the width of passing is gonna tear teams apart- u can be hitting one edge then a 20 meter ball from johns hits stuart who throw an even longer ball that hits Benji on the chest on the other edge- that’s a two pass shift and now u have one of the greatest attacking players of all time counting numbers with turbo on his shoulder, Belcher out the back and Folau the long ball option- how do u stop that?
Shift it the other way and gene miles and Latrell are the targets- unfathomable.
🏉 👊 ☠️💪🦍⚡🌪️💥
I’m only laughing because of the Packer line, fucking brilliant! But great team, includes my original 2 favourite players - Belcher & Stuart.


1st Grade Fringe
May 26, 2021
1. R Ross
2. Mansour
3. J Hodges
4. McGaw
5. Vainikolo
6. Daley
8. Lomax
9. Steve Walters
10. Okesene
11. Fullerton - Smith
12. Gilmeister
13. E Taylor
Hi Hardyman's Yugo Hardyman's Yugo

When you get a chance would you be able to complete your team one through 17. And then will post the voting thread as the others are ready. Cheers


Hardyman's Yugo

1st Grade Fringe
Jun 2, 2017
Lancashire, England
1. G Jack
2. B Morris
3. J Hodges
4. McGaw
5. Vainikolo
6. Daley
7. C Lyons
8. Lomax
9. Steve Walters
10. A Shelford
11. L Boyd
12. Gilmeister
13. E Taylor

14. R Ross
15. J Mansour
16. H Okesene
17. W Fullerton-Smith

Choice wise, anyone I could think of tbh. I might have a slight advantage over some posters through my age (61) so a better first hand knowledge of the eighties.

I have no idea where the team would play. Plenty of power in the team though so a soft ground wouldn’t be a problem, a rebuilt Carlaw Park thereby ending the ‘New Auckland stadium’ thread?

As I’m full of Aussies, I’ll go for Warren Ryan as coach for no other reason than he was glowing about two Cumbrian (my county of birth) forwards who played for GB v Aus in 1962, Dick Huddart and Brian Edgar. The latter played schools rahrah rugby with my Dad, I have a photo at home of the county U15’s team with them both in it

wizards rage

Warriors 1st Grader
Apr 18, 2016
It will be interesting the voting. All the teams are very strong and you can see the individual preferences built into the choices.

Some teams very much picked on reputation and stats with others clearly favoured players or a bit of a game plan showing through.

Thanks to all the contestants and of course Wrighty. It’s been a blast and kept us busy during the off-season. It’s been good to look back on the players from the past and refresh our memories of the legends of their eras!

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