Politics Donald Trump

    Nobody is reading this thread right now.
Just following orders.

The boss asked us to help make some threads. Are you telling me this thread wouldn't get made if I didn't do it?

You Can't handle the truth! (joking, it seemed like the thing to say in an American thread).

Wait for the Covid thread...your gonna love it....
All good. We need threads for our the diverse user groups.

Bruce would be lost without this one!
I can't take anything he says seriously in that shirt, he probably has some real grievances and valid points but the shirt just makes me wonder if he's a bad actor from Counterspin.

I can sympathize with businesses that were effected by COVID. He had a choice though and he chose to put more people in danger.

Lone Star in New Lynn sucked anyways, that whole area declined and places like near the mall started to flourish.

But the funny thing is, Trump took credit with getting the vaccine out.