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Donald Trump is a self made billionaire as well. I think the guy is an idiot.

I was merely asking the question. It looked like it was above Scurrah, it probably wasn't Watson, what other candidates are there? Anyway it seems Donna has been replaced by Bill Birnie. He has always had a talent with money so it is looking better for the future.

Actually the article alluded to the fact that extravagant credits for short courses is nothing new, and not even rare. The difference here seems to be the scale of the fraud and the motive of personal profit. In other cases it is often beleaguered educational institutes trying to balance the books. That the Serious Fraud Office is involved indicates that it is more than that. I know of cases they were investigating decades ago that got nowhere because there was no personal gain involved, so they know what they have to prove. The sad thing for the Warriors is that if it is judged as fraud, and charges are brought poor old Jim has to cringe about the past again.

Actually he's not, he inherited his fathers multi million dollar property development company. Although Donald claims to have done it himself, having a father worth $300 million isn't a bad way to kick start your career.You are right about him being an idiot though.


Actually he's not, he inherited his fathers multi million dollar property development company. Although Donald claims to have done it himself, having a father worth $300 million isn't a bad way to kick start your career.You are right about him being an idiot though.
Trump jr's annual salary is $250 million. Talk about catching the ball and running with it...

Not entirely sure why he hasn't invested in a proper hair piece tho..
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Actually he's not, he inherited his fathers multi million dollar property development company. Although Donald claims to have done it himself, having a father worth $300 million isn't a bad way to kick start your career.You are right about him being an idiot though.

Just to ad to that, apparently Trump is worth about 5 Billion. If he had invested the money he inherited in Fortune 500 companies he would be worth 8 Billion. The guy is total self-entitled wanker.


It turns out Donald Trump would actually be richer now if he'd done nothing since 1974
Posted a month ago by Louis Doré in people

(Picture: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Donald Trump’s campaign for the Republican presidential nomination has won support because of the promise that he is a businessman, a builder: an anti-politician.

Trump paints himself as a self-made man, who worked hard for his property and hotels fortune (he claims his net worth is $10 billion.)

And yet in September, a little-noticed article in the National Journal unearthed something:

Had the celebrity businessman and Republican presidential candidate invested his eventual share of his father’s real-estate company into a mutual fund of S&P 500 stocks in 1974, it would be worth nearly $3 billion today, thanks to the market’s performance over the past four decades.

If he’d invested the $200 million that Forbesmagazine determined he was worth in 1982 into that index fund, it would have grown to more than $8 billion today.

Essentially, Trump could have sat around doing sweet FA his entire life, and he would have $8 billion by now.

Bloomberg puts Trump’s current net worth at $2.9 billion while Forbes puts him at $4.5 billion.

Trump’s wealth has been investigated many times, with difficulty as his businesses are privately held and are not required to file Securities and Exchange Commission reports.

An decade-old investigation by the New York Times journalist Tim O’Brien found three sources close to Trump who estimated his worth between $150 million and $250 million, at a time when Trump was claiming a net worth of $6 billion.

Trump responded to the story by saying the men who gave the information had "400-pound wives".

He sued O’Brien for defamation, which was thrown out, but not before Trump sat for deposition in which he admitted repeatedly exaggerating the values of his properties.

I think everybody does, who wouldn’t?

Most people, Donald, because that’s not how numbers work. We thought you were a “really smart person”.

The same deposition showed that in 2005, two separate banks had assessed his assets and liabilities before agreeing to lend him money, and they both separately valued him at $1.2 billion and $788 million.

Oh, and if you're about to say his finances have diminished because he's a philanthropist, check out this story from the Associated Press.


H/T: Rich Martell

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Just to ad to that, apparently Trump is worth about 5 Billion. If he had invested the money he inherited in Fortune 500 companies he would be worth 8 Billion. The guy is total self-entitled wanker.

There is a feeling among many that would have a pretty good idea that he is worth nothing like the amounts he claims. Even with that defamation case the guy he was trying to sue wanted the case to go ahead as he was pretty confident Trump wouldn't be able to back up his claims of his wealth.
The problem with working out the wealth of people like Trump and Glenn is it's just about all speculation as the person themselves are never going to say their true value and it's all based on tax returns and guesses. Warren Buffet once came out and said taxation is all arse about face as his personal tax return had him paying less tax than his PA, which was totally wrong since he is one of the richest men in the world.


I think buffet was on a lower tax rate than his secretary.

One year John key made 5 million in profit and paid 200000 in tax. That's a tiny little tax rate for the guy who started out in a state house.

As for trump, he's a big spender. If he'd stuck his money in the stock market, got a job a mc Donalds and lived off minimum wage, sure he'd have a higher net worth right now.

But he's been chuging through his money. He's probably one of the biggest spenders in the world...
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I think buffet was on a lower tax rate than his secretary.

One year John key made 5 million in profit and paid 200000 in tax. That's a tiny little tax rate for the guy who started out in a state house.

As for trump, he's a big spender. If he'd stuck his money in the stock market, got a job a mc Donalds and lived off minimum wage, sure he'd have a higher net worth right now.

But he's been chuging through his money. He's probably one of the biggest spenders in the world...

Biggest spenders in the world? Based on what, it seems the facts disagree.

  • Aug. 2, 2015, 4:04 PM
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APPresidential contender Donald Trump, speaks to the media after arriving by helicopter during the 1st first day of the Women's British Open golf championship on the Turnberry golf course in Turnberry, Scotland.

Donald Trump, widely believed to the be the wealthiest American ever to run for president, is nowhere among the ranks of the country's most generous citizens, according to an Associated Press review of his financial records and other government filings.

Trump has said he donated $102 million worth of cash and land to philanthropic and conservation organizations over the past five years.

But his campaign has provided little documentation for most of these contributions, and tax filings of the Donald J. Trump foundation show Trump has made no charitable contributions to his own namesake nonprofit since 2008.

Without an endowment, the fund has continued to give grants only as a result of contributions from others.

Even the $102 million would not impress the wealthy elite whom Trump counts as his peers.

Billionaires like Michael Bloomberg, George Lucas and Warren Buffett have both given far more and pledged to donate most of their wealth to charity during their lifetimes.

It is possible that Trump has been donating money anonymously through avenues other than his foundation, whose tax records the AP reviewed.

But pressed by the AP on the details of his contributions, Trump campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks provided a partial list of donations that appeared to correspond with the foundation's gifts — indicating that Trump may be counting other people's charitable giving as his own.

"I give to hundreds of charities and people in need of help," Trump said in an emailed response to questions from the AP about how he tallied his own philanthropy. "It is one of the things I most like doing and one of the great reasons to have made a lot of money."

The Trump campaign did not respond to a request that it identify donations that Trump himself gave.


Trump has not released his own tax records even though some other presidential candidates have disclosed theirs. Such documents would likely provide a clearer picture of his giving.

Actual cash donations account for only around a tenth of the $102 million Trump says he has given in the last five years. Most of the total comes from land-related transactions. One major land donation from Trump earlier this year may result in a significant tax deduction for Trump for continuing to operate a commercial golf driving range.

Trump announced in January he was providing a land conservancy in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, with a legal promise never to develop 16 luxury homes on what is now the driving range of the Trump National Golf Course Los Angeles.

But city planning documents indicate Trump had no plans to use the land for anything other but a driving range — which he will continue to do under the terms of the easement.

A possible multimillion dollar beneficiary of Trump's gift: Donald Trump. Easements — contractual limitations which formally devalue the land, even if they require no changes in its use or ownership — provide an avenue for federal tax write-offs.

By committing to use his driving range as a driving range, Trump is likely entitled to a sizable tax deduction, said Dean Zerbe, a tax attorney for Alliant Group of Houston and who previously headed an investigation into easement write-offs for the Senate Finance Committee.

"It's shocking how much you see in the way of golf easements," he said. "Are we comfortable that this is something we want to subsidize with tax policy?

REUTERS/David MoirReal estate magnate Donald Trump (R) plays golf during the opening of his Trump International Golf Links golf course near Aberdeen, northeast Scotland July 10, 2012.

Trump's foundation began in 1987 and exists to donate money to other charities.

It has no staff, and its annual IRS filings have regularly listed Trump's average time spent on it as "minimal" or zero hours a week. The foundation has given out $3.6 million between 2011 and 2013, the most recent year in which its finances are available.

The overwhelming majority of its recent gifts have been made with other people's money.

NBC Universal, World Wrestling Entertainment and high-end, sporting and entertainment event ticket-reseller Richard Ebers are among the largest donors; Trump made his last significant donation, of $30,000, in 2008.

Until late last year, Trump was described as an "ardent philanthropist" in a biography posted to the Trump Organization's website. That language has since been removed.

As with Trump's politics, his donations do not fit neatly within traditional ideological lines: In 2012, he donated to the Gay Men's Health Crisis — founded by gay rights activist Larry Kramer — and the Billy Graham Evangelical Association, which decries the influence of the "gay lobby" and offers support to people pushing loved ones to "seek freedom from homosexuality."

A sizable portion of Trump's giving appears to be geared toward charities prominently affiliated with celebrities or politicians.

Trump has given to the Ronald Reagan Foundation and the Clinton Foundation, and has made donations to charities associated with former major league baseball manager Joe Torre, television personality Larry King and professional golf legend Arnold Palmer.

REUTERS/Mike CarlsonDonald Trump (seated L) and his wife Melania (seated R) are applauded before a dinner hosted by the Sarasota Republican Party honoring him as Statesman of the Year in Sarasota, Florida August 26, 2012.

Some celebrity-backed charities have pitched controversial causes.

In 2010, Trump's foundation gave $10,000 to Generation Rescue, a nonprofit run by Jenny McCarthy to champion the widely discredited theory that vaccines cause autism.

Trump also gave $1,000 to the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project, an organization confounded by Tom Cruise that offered free Scientology-based cleansing to rescue workers after the 2001 terror attacks.

Trump's tax returns would provide clearer information about any philanthropy he listed as deductible.

In 2011, he indicated he might release his own tax returns when President Barack Obama released his birth certificate, something the president subsequently did.

Trump took credit for pressuring Obama to release the document but did not release his tax records, promising he would do so at an appropriate time.

Such returns could potentially shed light on the nature of some of Trump's noncash gifts, such as his donation of the easement on his Rancho Palos Verdes golf course. Trump's gift is to the local land conservancy, which maintains green space and undeveloped coastline owned by city of Rancho Palos Verdes.

REUTERS/Dominick ReuterBusinessman and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump greets supporters during a back-yard reception in Bedford, New Hampshire, June 30, 2015.

Trump's relationship with the city itself has been rocky.

After years of battling with local government over a 70-foot flagpole erected without approval, and Trump's thwarted effort to have a prominent street renamed after himself, Trump sued the town of 46,000 for $100 million in 2008. He alleged it was wrongfully preventing him from building homes on land adjacent to his golf course.

The city — which has a budget of roughly one-quarter the size of Trump's legal claim — settled with Trump in 2012 on confidential terms. But Trump's plan for the driving range on which he is donating an easement has been far less contentious.

Though the land was still approved for the construction of 16 homes, Trump turned it into a driving range when he bought the property more than a decade ago, according to city planning documents.

In the years since, Trump did not apply to build homes on the property, and he sought approval from the California Coastal Commission to permanently approve plans that left the land as a driving range.

"Sometimes he'd make statements, saying, 'Well, maybe I'd put homes there instead of the driving range,'" said Joel Rojas, the city's community development director. But there were never any concrete plans to build.

Trump received that approval last year, Rojas said, which prevents him even from applying to build homes on the driving range.

When Trump announced four months later that he will permanently forgo building on the range, he said the land was worth more than $25 million.

Zerbe, the former Senate lawyer, said tax deductions for such projects are unquestionably legal but noted that building homes there instead would have complicated Trump's golf plans.

"You're not going to have a golf course without a driving range," he said.

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Take a peek inside Donald Trump’s vast portfolio of private homes
Monday, July 27, 2015, 6:52 PM

Susan Watts/New York Daily News
Donald Trump is running for president
He may be eying a place in the White House but Donald Trump has no shortage of other houses to fall back on should his bid for POTUS not work out.

The real estate mogul, who’s been showboating about his alleged $10 billion net worth for weeks, has a string of private mansions, both in New York and across the country, that could give the White House a run for its money.

Read on for a closer look at Trump's long list of homes.


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Enlarge Sam Horine
Trump's most famous home is his three-story penthouse high atop the Trump Tower in New York City
1. Trump’s personal penthouse

Trump spends most of his time at Trump Tower, the massive Fifth Ave. building that’s home to both the offices of his business empire and his own personal residence, a three-level penthouse designed to look like the Palace of Versailles. The huge pad, which has almost unparalleled views of Central Park, is decked out in typical Trump style, with 24-carat cold and diamond accents, hoards of marble and detailed, hand-painted ceiling murals.

The opulent residence, at 725 Fifth Ave., is one of the most valuable in New York City and would likely sell for up to $100 million if it were to come on the market today, experts said.

Noonan Jeanne Freelance NYDN
Trump Parc East at 100 Central Park South
2. Trump Parc and Trump Park Ave.

As if one palatial Manhattan penthouse wasn’t enough, Trump has close to 40 other Manhattan apartments to call his own.

Back when he was still known for building properties from scratch, the property titan built a string of high-end Manhattan condo buildings, including Trump Parc at 106 Central Park South and Trump Park Avenue at 502 Park Ave.

Most of the units in those buildings sold long ago but Trump did have the good sense to hang on to a few — about 40, in fact, across the two buildings. He's since rented them out, some for as much as $100,000 a month. Daughter Ivanka has a pad at Trump Park Ave., which she shares with hubbie Jared Kushner and children Arabella and Joseph.

The bet paid off.

Trump just sold one of the penthouses at Trump Park Avenue for $21 million, according to recent reports.

Roca, John
Aerial view of Mar-a-Lago, the estate of Donald Trump, in Palm Beach, Fla.
3. Mar-A-Lago

It’s the ultimate Palm Beach palace.

One of Trump’s most prized assets is perhaps the Mar-a-Lago country club, a 17-acre property with a 20,000-square-foot ballroom, that was formerly used as a private mansion but is now used as a hotel.

The property, where celebrities such as Oprah, Michael Jackson and Celine Dion have all stayed, also played host to multiple Trump weddings, including Eric Trump and Lara Yunask’s 2014 nuptials.

It’s said to be worth in excess of $250 million, just short of the $317 million valuation of the White House.

An ariel view of Seven Springs
4. Seven Springs

Trump also owns a grand private summer retreat in Bedford, N.Y., with 60 rooms, two servants wings, 15 bedrooms, three pools including one cased in Italian marble, a bowling alley and 230 acres of land.

He originally purchased the property, known as Seven Springs, for $7.5 million in 1996 with a view to transforming it into another Trump-branded golf course but ultimately dropped the plans. There are currently approvals to build 14 other homes on the estate, but Trump has not made use of them so far.

Instead, the Trump family uses the property as a retreat from the city, riding ATVs, going on hikes and fishing. Trump also reportedly allowed Libya's Muammar Gaddafi to stay in a tent there while attending the UN Summit, when no hotels would have him.

The main house, which was built by late Federal Reserve Chairman Eugene Meyer, dates back to 1919.

Trump owns onetime socialite Patricia Kluge's former estate in rural Virginia
5. The Kluge Estate

Should Trump feel the urge to head south, he can stay at Trump Vineyard Estates, a 2,000-acre property he owns in Charlottesville, Va.

The huge property, which comprises a 23,000-square-foot mansion and a working winery and vineyard, was formerly owned by German-born entrepreneur John Kluge, formerly the richest person in America.

Trump snagged the property for a bargain $14.4 million after Kluge’s widow, Patricia Kluge, defaulted on her loans and Bank of America took control of the home.

Trump first acquired the front and back yards that then held the bank over a barrel in order to get the best price for the house itself. He let the yards become overgrown and then erected "No Trespassing" signs all over the lawns in order to deter other would-be buyers and get the best price from the bank.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Donald Trump has been known to spend time on the west coast
6. Beverly Hills abode

When he’s out west, Trump can head to his six-bedroom, five-bathroom Colonial-style mansion on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. It has a flood-lit tennis court, a pool, a spa, a library and media room, marble floors, original moldings and a dramatic curving staircase fit for a movie-star entrance.
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SAN BERNARDINO, California – A regular attendee of the mosque attended by San Bernardino terrorist Syed Farook has told Breitbart News that the congregation “don’t like Donald Trump”.
Mr. Shehata, who was speaking at a press conference inside the mosque today was asked by Breitbart News what political opinions the congregation expressed, after commenting during the official press conference that he felt his fellow Muslims were “normal” people who had political opinions.

After the press conference in the Dar Al Uloom Al Islamiyah of America centre in northern San Bernardino, Breitbart News caught up with Mr. Shehata, asking him what he meant by “political opinions”.

“I know where you’re going,” he said. “We don’t have any pro-ISIS,” he added, before being asked about American politics.

“We talk like why an American go and shoot people in the movie theatre it goes on the news for two days and the say he’s crazy. And when a Muslim does the same thing we say he’s a terrorist and we talk about it for two weeks, like this story’s going to stay on TV for two weeks.

“So more like current affairs, not like partisan politics?” he was asked.

“We talk about Donald Trump, we talk about the election,” he volunteered, “We are like any other Americans. We have opinions. But we don’t have any extreme opinions, we don’t have any hatred for nobody. We don’t want anybody to be killed.”

“What do you say about Donald Trump,” Breitbart News asked.

“We don’t like him,” Mr. Shehata – who says he attends the mosque three times a day, replied.

Mr. Shehata was held up by the mosque’s leaders, during the press conference, as a devout attendee who could give more insider information about the mosque and its congregation.

He said during the press conference: “I know everybody here. And nobody here is having extremist ideas, including Rizwan (Syed Farook) by the way.

Mr. Shehata told reporters that he had seen Syed Farook’s wife, once, in a car, wearing a niqab so her face was covered. “We don’t know how she looks like,” he said.

“After he came back from Saudi Arabia he wanted to do a reception for food. A friend of mine cooked for him and took the food to Riverside mosque… that’s last year.”

Gee, never would have picked that reaction...


Warriors Orange Peeler
Take away the image of wealth and success and you soon see how stupid this guy is. Even stupider are the American public...

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Fuck it. I'm sold.

Check 5:09... That sealed the deal for me,,,,,,,,, big time.
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While I do think the Muslim world and the Western world have issues ATM, I don't think we need to give control of the nukes to a guy who can't even organize a proper hair piece just yet..
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