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Cleaned up by a mediocre harbour side. A side the dev squad should have slaughtered.

What gives ?

David James_old

Only thing i could put it down to is NH are a set side, development side is not.

Other than that it is concerning.


Aside from not playing at any reasonable level (PL, QLD cup etc) the biggest problem I have with our young Warriors is that they're spread out amongst the Batercard Cup teams and don't get the chance to play together.

The Raiders went well on the weekened because all their youngsters play together on a weekly basis in PL. Granted it's a step up, but they still had set combinations.

The Warriors need to get serious and at the very least have a jnr Warriors team training and playing together week in and week out.


In the early game, a Jason Lowrie-coached Harlour League combination beat the Vodafone Warriors' elite development side 48-22. Centre Patrick Ah Van, who also turned out in the NRL trial, scored two smart tries while Marvin Filipo and 16-year-old Constantine Mika grabbed the others.

Maybe they should drop the 'Elite' tag from the squad name? ;)


Maybe the dev. squad should play together in Batercard. You know like see if you could put an actual Warriors Elite into the comp. Is there a penrose team in the Batercard? If there isn't they could be the Penrose Warriors. See if they could get the team together that way.Even though Batercard isn't as strong as other dev. grades it would still get the dev. players playing together.



Come on guys when ya think about it it isn't a set squad and they probably didn't even have one or two practices.

Anyway, I think they SHOULD put a team into the Bartercard Cup. It would make things a little tricky because it could seem that say a Bulls player did well, he would be poached and put in the Warriors team.

I think its a great idea. It means they can all live in Auckland like normal, train in Auckland and fly to each game.

Its something that should be looked at because I don't think the quality is so much lower than the Queensland Cup ...if they could get game time together week in and week out then they will start putting some combinations together.

Great idea


Wiki said:
Come on guys when ya think about it it isn't a set squad and they probably didn't even have one or two practices.

set squad or not, they are still future warriors so i would suggest they should have the best resources money can buy in their developement. other wise whats the point.

i,d start with aussie prem league. we did it before (very sucessfully) so we should be able to do it again.

these dev players have trained all summer with the warriors, the result on sunday is a disgrace.


Yeah we did do it before but doesn't seem like they plan on doing it again anytime real soon. In the meantime having a team in Batercard would at the very least have the players actually playing together week in and week out and they could have a few trainings with the Warriors while they were at it. Haha who knows they might even take it out.

Question is would they be able to put a side in?Are there any rules against it?

da mad maori

I am of the belief that the "dev squad' is not actually the Warriors reserve grade. This is a team of promising youngsters who may, in the future, [4 or 5 years] make it into the bigtime.
So for me, for these players to blossom, there must be another level set up below the Bartercard in the North Island. Taranaki, Manawatu, Hawkes Bay, Wellington, Auckland, and the Waikato, could most certainly do with a competition like this, just to retain its youth. All these kids have, to look forward to, at the moment are the "age groups, and a lot of kids miss out on that.
The bottom line is simple, the Aussies wont help our growth, or go out of their way to improve our game so its up to our men at the top, [NZRFL] to start putting their thinking caps on. Even that stupid idea of mine, is better than sitting on ones butt and doing nothing.


The dev squad players have been taken out of the age group comps already, that's where they're spotted.

They need to play as a team week in week out, not scattered amongst the different regions.
Jersey Flegg, Premier Legue or Queensland Cup is the only way to go for these youngster's to get up to make it into the first grade.

The difference between the Bartercard Cup and the NRL is too wide for these youngsters to succeed.

Look at the likes of Manu Vatevai.
When he first started for the Warriors he was carving up the Bartercard. He played a couple of first grade games and suffered. Back to Bartercard, and he was a star.
Fortunately he learned from that and now look how he has responded.

Imagine a youngster like him getting game time week in, week out in a top line competition, yes in Australia. That is where the Warriors would benefit, not the Bartercard unfortunately.

But once again finances from Beasely Ave won't stretch far enough for a development team to play in such competitions... oh to have unlimited funds...


Unless a major sponsor comes in, or the NRL does the moral thing and fund Premier League from the TV rights inclusive of all NRL teams, the only feasible way I can see of providing another pathway is to affiliate with a Queensland Cup side. Send 5-6 boys away each season as members of their team, 3-4 fringe players to join that and watch the talent mature earlier.

DMM, I'd hasten to think you're dead right. Constantine Mika I noticed was one of the try scorers, from recollection he's 16. So to expect perfection from a group of youngsters is a bit far fetched really. I'm not surprised at all they were dusted by North Harbour.