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Whats he up to these days? whose he playing for? how long is contract there? Anyone watched him play ?
He's playing for Wigan. By all reports he is a week in week out embarassment.

His contract will end after this Superleague season because Wigan will be relegated.
Gutted.... always thort he was a very handy little player for the eels
he is a good player but I think he is just turning up for his paycheck.
Extremly strong. How old is he? do you think he would like to play for the warriors?
he wont play for warriors, we got enough has beens at our club, dont need any more
although i wouldn't mind seeing him play in the nrl again, watch him bash tahu again..and again, kinda ironic how tahu has vaealeki's old jersey aye???
Wigan thrashed the Giants the other day and now with Noble in charge instead of that dickhead Millward, they're on the comeback trail.
David will prove his worth for sure.

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