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Warriors 1st Grader
Sep 1, 2015
Something has to be done, a lot of us have heard rumours (can't repeat them here), mostly pure speculation probably but it may not be as straightforward as mental health.
Stress is a killer, sometimes it is the game, sometimes it is outside the game. If it is outside the game it has to be sorted.
Ever since I first saw him in under 20's he looked a real athlete with great skill and potential but often seemed uninterested, just going through the motions. Occasionally you saw what he was capable of. I thought this was a youth thing, needing to focus and have the right attitude for 80 minutes and this would be coached out of him once he hit first grade.

Confucious says if they don't bite as a puppy they will never bite. Heyzeuss spare me though in a Tongan jersey he is the best in the game. Lazy recruitment unless you are the Tongan coach.
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