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Shaun Johnson you rippa. That could have been 7 tackle set had he missed.

Best Game management game from Magic EVER !!! Hes done less of his Magic and more of a Lino this game. Has probably one us the game, along with the goal/penalty kicks. Thank you Shaun Johnson. Wow that was a horrible game by us after 30 minutes. The refs definitely made some shockers, but much like Nqld we were our own worst enemies. We look horrible on offense. Yet at times when we just back each other up we look amazing.

Just went back to dropping the ball.

A wins a win, but SK needs to get our offense much sharper and consistent, we cant beat top teams playing like that.

Kata is going to be interesting to see what comes out of it. We really looked at the 30 we should be 24:2 and were going to run away with it, so shows we have more than fusitua to play with. We need to think about how we play without the right edge prior to starting the game, its time.
Great effort without the ball and great long kicking from Shaun Johnson and Bully in spite of massive fatigue.

Satisfied with a win in spite of it having lashings of stoopid, mistakes and tiredness. Great way to win.
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In Andy we (have to) trust
In regards to the line dropout or 20m tap calls I think all refs err on the side of the defender was last to touch the ball because they have 35 seconds for the video ref to review and correct if necessary. If they called against the attacker then a quick 20m tap and there maybe more than 1 tackle completed before the video ref had reviewed.
Fergies over !!!!!! Make that 2 tries Roosters, hits the post and goes in.

OH pls, this week, just 1 game go our way, in fact ill take 2 close ones and the rest hidings, vs 5 going against us in the last 60 seconds.

I know this is really NRL discussion, but roosters in for their 3rd. Surely given being originally the Favs for the comp, they can go on from here and downski Penrith :)
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I'm about to board a flight in Auckland to Christchurch and will pretty much miss all the game. Sending positive thoughts all through the flight :)
Soon you'll arrive in the promised land to be greeted by the news of our triumphant victory. Positive thoughts only Citygirl, don't think about 9/11 ;)
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