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May 19, 2012
Sportswoman of the year apparently. After Lisa Carrington won here third Olympic gold on the trot. The left has lost its way. All about box ticking for the sake of diversity rather than celebrating genuine achievement now.
I'm more worried that we lose this...


"That's what 'insert non-binary pronoun' said" just doesn't seem to have the same impact....


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Aug 4, 2020
So let's look at Auckland as they have been given first priority to get to Traffic Light Red

Last Thursday

Auckland 93% first dosage - 79% second dosage
Counties Manakau 87% first dosage - 71% second dosage
Waitemata 90% first dosage - 74% second dosage


Auckland 93% first dosage - 82% second dosage
Counties Manukau 88 % first dosage - 74% second dosage
Waitemata 91% first dosage - 77% second dosage

Second dosages are heading upwards at 3 percent a week
The second doses should actually speed up as most people are probably waiting for their 3 weeks to be up.


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Sep 1, 2015
The second doses should actually speed up as most people are probably waiting for their 3 weeks to be up.
That is true. The first 30 years olds are just about to get their second this week,


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Apr 27, 2016
Currently, with Covid, some don’t care because they are certain nothing will happen to them.
They are probably right in most cases but the problem I think is that if covid runs riot then a lot of unvaccinated will go to hospital and that will cause deaths due to our limited hospital space.
Does everyonet accept that hospitals are being overrun when the virus goes unchecked - seems like a fact right?

Assuming it is then the vaxxed vs unvaxxed issue is less about the actual option to take it or not and more about will you take it to help out society or does your personal freedom mean more to you than putting someone you (probably) dont know at risk?

Then, for a smaller group (I think) it's more about avoiding the vaccine as it is a way for some group to kill, track or control you.
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May 7, 2012
It is interesting to hear Daniel Andrews say that have copied NZ law in the creation of pandemic specific laws for Victoriia.

I recall Crow posting something the other day and my first thought was, that we already do all of those things here because we have had pandemic specific laws going back seventy years and more.

We have the health act, and we have the newer legislation added in the time of Covid to bring the health act into a Covid specific quarantine era in the modern context.

You will hear Bloomfield cite our health act at pressers, he will say things like 'as the director general of health I am invoking section seventy six requiring all people in such and such an area to comply with the following health orders'.

None of these laws are new to us. So that woman banging on in her facebook about I have never just ignorant of her countries history.



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May 7, 2012
Right on the money Russ...

Russ would be the first prick to jump in a super yacht and piss off when New Zealand hospitals were no longer able to treat him or his family.

Dudes the biggest turn coat ever.

Maybe this cu** should use his profile to support the vaccine drive....he could do an add.....sailing he fks off on Algingy.....


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May 7, 2012
The answer will be you have to buy the supply from Pfizer, they ain't going to let NZ make it themselves, no money in that 🤣
Probably. Techincally we were not asking if we can make it, we were asking if we can use the adult stuff in the smaller kids dose.

I am looking forward to hearing from a few experts in the comming days about the move to change the formulation for children.

The only justification I can think of, is that the adult formula becomes unstable in very low quantities.

As need to have a consistent amount or duration of action for kids of a specific ingredient, which cannot be reduced beyond a certain quantity for it to cope with the metabolic processes and the environment it is introduced to.

Until I hear from experts it sounds fishy like a money grab.

However, ultimately, if Pfizer are screwing us, it will not end well for them. Other companies will not change their formulation, which then makes their product more attractive to use from both a practical and financial pov.

Bear in mind the FDA rejected Pfizers Delta version of the MRNA vaccine.

So they need to be careful here.
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Apr 13, 2012
Tonbridge, Kent, UK
One new case in MIQ

The ministry has confirmed one new case in managed isolation. The person travelled from Qatar via Australia on October 20 and returned a positive test during routine day three testing in an Auckland MIQ facility.
update, daughter came back negative for her PCR test, day 1 MIQ test, she's in Rotorua.

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