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Apr 20, 2012
Don't sweat it Mikey. Common thing for us in the vulnerable age group and is good insurance on top of the PSA blood test for prostate.

Just make sure he warms his hands up first.

Edit: Hand
A couple of years ago we changed GP’s and she decided it was time for me to get a prostate check. Afterwards, she tested my BP and wondered why it was elevated above normal. Gee, I don’t know!!


May 21, 2013
Its a bit of a game at the moment, the wellington public service is staying at home, not because they are worried they'll get covid and die, but because they like not having to commute and get to drink their own coffee in peace and quiet now the kids are back at school.

Got to enjoy the benefits while you can, will be summoned back in about 3 weeks. Management have been muttering about new ways of working for years well now everyone got a crash course in it, worked pretty good - didn't even have to pay consultants to sell it.

In the scheme of things will look back and no one will remember what level 2 (in may, not march) was for, no one was saved, the real work was done at levels 3 and 4 - so have no complaints, just go through the motions, enjoy that no one can sit next to me on the bus on the rare days its necessary to go into the city.
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