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Cleary keeps the faith

Despite the Vodafone Warriors boasting just four wins from their ten outings so far this year, debutant coach Ivan Cleary believes a corner may have been turned with his side's emphatic 22-point victory over the Tigers at home last week.

"I was very happy with the performance and definitely the boys should take some confidence from it," said Cleary.

"I just thought from one to 17 everybody played well and that's the first time that has happened this year.

"You can analyse games as much as you want but just about every game we have had about three or four guys that have been a bit below par."

In a job that is renowned for its highs and lows, Cleary admits he is finally getting a grasp of everything.

"I'm loving it [the coaching job]. It's a position of great responsibility and I realise that. It's a huge challenge and I'm learning every day," said Cleary.

In the process of assuming the mantle from last year's head coach Tony Kemp, Cleary inadvertently inherited a side which had exceeded the NRL salary cap in 2005, making his early days at the helm something of a challenge.

Finally, after a number of appearances before the NRL's governing body, the Vodafone Warriors were handed a four-point penalty before the season commenced, a distinct disadvantage for a first-year coach.

However, Cleary believes it was a character building time for him to be thrown in the deep end so early in his first-grade career.

"Obviously we've been through the mill a little bit this year, so I guess if you are going to get thrown into the job you may as well get the tough stuff done early," he said.

Cleary is also quick to praise his players for the way they handled the salary cap debacle.

"We lost a lot of guys in the off-season and then there was the salary cap debacle which obviously didn't help things, but I have to say I am really proud of the way the guys have reacted to that," said Cleary.

"They could have easily thrown their hands up and said 'what's the point' but they certainly haven't done that and they have fought every inch of the way."

Cleary is also aware that top level coaches live and die by the success of their teams on the paddock and he admits there have already been times of frustration this year.

"I would have liked a few more wins at this stage. We've had a lot of close losses which has been really frustrating because the boys have really been putting in," he said.

However, the tide appears to be changing for the former Warriors fullback with his charges turning on arguably their best performance of the season to crush the Tigers in round 11.

The former Warriors star also believes the management team he has recruited, despite being inexperienced, is the right fit to lift the side from the foot of the competition table.

"I'm new and just about everyone else in the management team is new as well at their job and it's almost like a whole new club," said Cleary.

"I'm really happy with the staff that we have and they're fast learners and we are all getting better every day."

The Vodafone Warriors head to Sydney this weekend to square off against the resurgent Sharks on Saturday night and Cleary is confident his side can post its second consecutive victory.

"Winning certainly helps your confidence. I think we have shown signs of it throughout the year we probably just lacked a bit of confidence more than anything," he said.
"We just have to turnaround and start again this week."


Yea good article. I like cleary as a coach aye he just seems to no wat to do! Maybe its from his playing experiences i duno. Just hope he stays coach at the warriors for sometime.


It all sounds good, and I really hope the boys have turned the corner. A flat uninspired performance against the Sharks this weekend will really be a kick in the gut for players, coaches and fans. Consistency is the key for the Warriors.


Thats sum of that article is why i rang up the radio to praise him.
Good job cleary!

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