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Aug 4, 2020
An ugly side effect of War unfortunately.

How I see it is....It is costing us less to get retribution against this terrorist than it cost to get Bin Ladden.

This situation is true punishment.

Every other prisoner in this country is either meant to be in some kind of reform or containment with the ability to earn their way to privileges

This guys starting position and end position is in the harshest containment prison such it is life long punishment not redemption.

I think its worth it.
Very well said. I have absolutely zero sympathy for this evil motherfucker but still I get anxious when I think of his situation and what he must be thinking day to day. Exactly what he deserves. what makes it even worse is with the amount of security he;s got monitoring him I don;t think there;s any way for him to take the easy route out


Warriors 1st Grader
Sep 1, 2015
Take it from me he will be experiencing extreme stress in Maxi solitary.

He is not entitled to any privileges. He cannot even get a drink of water without someone giving it to him.

If he plays up no one will talk to him conversationally for weeks on end, either total silence or simple directives from one person who speaks to him and one person only. The Alpha officer in the group.

He will be going out of his mind for a lack of stimulation and connection with other human beings.

The rooms are stark concrete cells with nothing to look at, not even interesting tiles you can count and give nick names.

Not many men can stand that type of deprivation for very long, and this guy has to do it for potentially fifty years or more.

I cannot think of anything worse than being kept alive in that environment, I would starve myself.
If he knew what treatment he was going to get I bet he would have thought twice. Like those wankers from Jan 6 who are bleating because they are sick of jail and blaming Trump.
I cannot think of anything worse than being kept alive in that environment, I would starve myself.
He will find that option.
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Jul 25, 2020
He is a nobody - just an Australian that came to New Zealand to do this horrific crime. He gave NZ a bad name, as it was never highlighted in News Reports over seas that it was an Australian that did it. So New Zealand got the bad name and it was not a NZer that did it! Personally I would let him listen to music, but only Islamic music all day and night over and over again. and when we do feed him make it only Islamic food :) - make this prick suffer for a year or 2 and then slip a knife into his cell with his food. Last thing NZers should be doing is paying for this prick to stay alive. I would personally never feed him and any water he got would be from the toilet after some guy had taken a crap

Rick O'Shay

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May 1, 2013
New Plymouth
I think the bastard should swing for the crime. Warders should drop some rope into his cell.

This appeal thing worries me though, especially when there is a whiff of the NZ Bill of Rights being discussed.
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May 7, 2012


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Aug 21, 2019

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