General Changes for next week


For my mind the changes that have to happen involve the halves the most. I thought both fein and Ropati had ok games, both made good tackles important tackles and had a few good runs.
However I can't recall a good pass from either and neither put a good kick in (the kick that Manu scored involved a number of factors, a good kick wasn't one of them)
Rovelli got inot half but the game lost structure pretty quick at the moment id say that was because of fatigue of the boys than Rovelli leadership.
Assuming we can get some deception from the forwards and three people are not bashing our runners these are the changes i want to see for next week

backs the same excpet 6 Nathan Fein 7 Rovelli 13 Jerome Ropati.
Id keep Fein for his long kicking and running the guys around the paddock, help the new guy out.
Jerome at lock is probbaly what will be more debated. What I would like is Jerome to not crash it up off the ruck. At 13 i would like him to provide some mobile defence, he did well chasing kicks I think he has good techinque in tackles. But what I really want him to provide is an extra dummy half runner, in 2005 and for all two games of this year some of his biggest efforts and best work has come out of dummy half.
With Jerome doing some dummy half work and if we can get better production from forwards then Lance Hohia will be able support our runners what he does very well, what I like seeing him do.

1 Webb
2 Bryne
3 Martin (hopefully we will see what he can do with time and space see if he is worth having)
4 Toopi
5 Manu
6 Fein
7 Rovelli
8 Wiki
9 Hohia
10 Price
11 Wairangi Koopu
12 Louie Anderson
13 Jerome Ropati

14 Lauki ( he made a good break in the weekend I like what he can do when things go well)
15 Tuimavae/Rapira
16 Luck
17 Guttenbeil

This has kept me up all night damn it.


1. Brent Webb
2. Todd Byrne
3. Tony Martin
4. Clinton Toopi
5. Manu Vatuvei
6. Grant Rovelli
7. Lance Hohaia
8. Ruben Wiki
9. Nathan Fien
10. Steve Price
11. Awen Guttenbeil
12. Wairangi Koopu
13. Louis Anderson

14. Jerome Ropati
15. Evarn Tuimavave
16. Sam Rapira
17. Micheal Luck


The Warriors need two things, and they need them now.

- A ball-playing forward (or two!)
- Some more spark and creativity in the halves

I can't figure out why Lance Hohaia suddenly has to spend half the match on the bench just because he's wearing the #9. He needs to move into the halves and show us just what he can do.

Steve Price is a great captain (he convinced Hampstead to go to the video ref for Evarn's try last night), but it doesn't look like he knows what a quick play-the-ball is. Metres are great, but we need to move a bit faster to get the maximum advantage.

The rest of our forwards are far too predictable. Evarn is having a good year so far (I thought he was great last night), but even he's mainly just a hit-up merchant.

Given what we've got, I reckon we need to try something like this:

1. Brent Webb
2. Cooper Vuna (SPEED)
3. Todd Byrne
4. Tony Martin (on notice - JRo will get this spot otherwise)
5. Manu Vatuvei
6. Lance Hohaia (or at #7, either way is good)
7. Grant Rovelli (showing real promise)
8. Evarn Tuimavave (deserves it)
9. Nathan Fien
10. Steve Price (captain)
11. Wairangi Koopu (should be an 80-minute man)
12. Michael Luck (until Faumuina comes back)
13. Clinton Toopi (hopefully he can get his spark back by playing closer to the action)

14. Jerome Ropati (Mr Versatility)
15. Ruben Wiki (IMPACT off the bench)
16. Guttenbeil/Anderson
17. Lauaki/Villasanti (Luck will take this spot when Faumuina comes back)


Think I'd go as below. I agree, against my previous opinion, that Evarn has earned his spot. He's played well and good on him. When Sione comes back the worst performing 6, 7 or 9 joins the development squad until they get another shot.

14.Ah Van

I think that maybe moving Toopi to lock as per League Nut's recommendation could work but I'm inclined to keep him out wide till one of the development players can slot into a centre/wing role inside or outside Vuna. If the move to lock takes place and it doesn't work then the next step is a big one.


1. Webb
2. Vuna
3. Byrne
4. Toopi
5. Vatuvei
6. Rovelli
7. Hohaia
8. Wiki
9. Fien
10. Price
11. Luck
12. Koopu
13. Anderson

14. Tuimavavae
15. Rapira
16. Ropati
17. Guttenbeil

Mannering and Fai must both be close to working their way back from injury. Fai was only expected to miss the first month. I know Faumuina will go straight back to five eight, but I wouldn't have minded seeing a backrow combo of.

11. Fai - Impact
12. Koopu - Workhorse
13. Faumuina - Ballskills

There's a bit more impact there, depending on how Fai handles the step up of course. Mannering is yet to come back as well and Ah Van must be busting at the chance to make his debut after getting some good trial time.

The Warriors have a few young players pushing for spots in Vuna, Ah Van, Rapira, and then Fai and Mannering when they recover. At least that's encouraging. Do we have any other youngsters on the books that would be almost ready for a taste of first grade??


1 Cooper Vuna
2 Todd Byrne
3 Tony Martin
4 Clinton Toopi
5 Manu Vatuvei
6 Brent Webb
7 Lance Hohaia
8 Ruben Wiki
9 Nathan Fien
10 Steve Price (captain)
11 Evarn Tuimavave
12 Wairangi Koopu
13 Louis Anderson


Sam Rapira
Grant Rovelli
Awen Guttenbeil
Micheal Luck
18th man: Patrick Ah Van

Game Plans:-

* Cooper Vuna to snipe around Wiki, Price, Guttenbeil who will be asked to achieve either a quick play of the ball or an offload in all hit ups - if there's a quick play of the ball Vuna to come in one off the ruck to hit between the A-B defenders or if there's an offload to gleefully accept it and use his blistering speed
* Fien to get off the back of quick play of the balls up the middle
* Tuimavave to start, Wiki to target Scott Prince out wide, playing as a semi-centre, more of a backrower, Toopi or Byrne depending on which side it is to stick in behind him awaiting an offloading or a quick play of the ball to scoot.
* Hohaia and Webb directed to look for holes, and organise Wairangi Koopu or Clinton Toopi, on opposite sides of the ruck to move into them - ala Smith picking up Hindmarsh last night when Fien got caught out.
* Hohaia and Webb directed to kick between winger and fullback on 4th/5th tackle, bomb to only come into affect when they're within 30, not as an every play option ala Fien.
* A bit more depth on attacking backline moves, with changes of angle, for instance last night Webb went across field and had created somewhat of a hole but Vatuvei had stayed on his wing, he needed to cut inside Webb and there was a line break.
* Take a risk, be confident, AND COMMUNICATE


yea i dont think Fien is the right person for the halfback role, his last tackle options are very limit, all he seems to have is a bomb. also doesnt have much creativity in general play...


1. Webb
2. Byrne
3. Ropati
4. Toopi
5. Vatuvei
6. Hohaia
7. Rovelli
8. Wiki
9. Fien
10. Price
11. Tuimave
12. Koopu
13. Anderson

14. Vuna
15. Tuakara
16. Guttenbeil
17. Luck

Would be my picks for next week. I think we have to introduce our new guys one by one instead of any wholesale changes and work on figuring out how to have an effective 1-13 on the park in their best positions too. Much has been said about team morale as well, however I just got the feeling last night that the boys didn't know how to beat Parramatta and didn't really want to win the game. Towards the end of the game with 15 mins left to run, I had this terrible feeling that we were just going to bomb it completely and sure enough the in goal shenanigans proved me right.

I think the boys are lacking the faith in their ability to win, they know that they're trying their guts out to get the win and this in turn makes it harder for them to swallow a result like this and last week. Sadly I think the only way to turn this around is by posting a win or a couple on the trot on the board and get them and the fans believing again.


I like the thought of Cooper Vuna on the bench. He could do some dmage as the game gets looser.


Having Vuna on the bench would also cover one of our players if they get the dropsies like last night as well. It'd also be a nice introduction to the game for him as well. Do you remember Vatuvei's debut? I just remember think this guy's trying way too hard, that and we got destroyed that game as well...


1 Webb
2 Byrne
3 Martin
4 Toopi
5 Vatuvei
6 Rovelli
7 Hohaia
8 Wiki
9 Fien
10 Price(c)
11 Anderson
12 Luck
13 Ropati

14 Tuimavave
15 Koopu
16 Guttenbiel/Rapira
17 Vuna

Do we have anyone within the club that has got real pace? e.g(Inglis/Slater/Brett Stewart) or is pretty close

kiwi man_old

1.B. Webb
2.C. Vuna - we need the injection of speed and enthusiasm
3.T. Byrne - he looked very strong last night with big hits and powerful running
4.C. Toopi
5.M. Vatuvei
6.G. Rovelli
7.L. Hohaia - when he played at 7 last yr in the tri nation match against england (the one he got injured) he was man of the match
8.R. Wiki
9.N. Fien - played fantastic at hooker all yr last yr
10.S. Price
11.A. Guttenbeil
12.W. Koopu - still cant find a reason as to why he was on the bench
13.L. Anderson

14.J. Ropati - can cover anywhere in the backline
15.E. Tuimivave - earnt his spot over last 2 weeks, was close to starting and pushing wiki to 2nd row imo
16.G. Tuakura - some grunt and enthusiasm, also something new
17.E. Lauaki - played well last night creating a break and looked a handful when he ran the ball, should be given another chance

IMO when sonny fai is fit he should be a certainty for the bench. our bench should be all impact as we already have 5 work horses starting.
another option could have been start luck and uses guttenbeil off the bench at the expense of either george or hame.


Wouldnt Villasante be the perfect player to introduce into the second row to break the "sameness" that we have there.


1 Brent Webb
2 Toddy Bryne
3 Jerome Ropati
4 Clinton Toopi
5 Manu Vatuvei
6 Nathan Fein
7 Grant Rovelli
8 Ruben Wiki
9 Lance Hohia
10 Steve Price
11 Wairangi Koopu
12 Michael Luck
13 Louie Anderson
14 Gattis
15 Tuimavae
16 Sam Rapira
17 Awen Guttenbeil


1- webby

14- wiki


For all of you who picked toopi in your teams please explain the reason why


It must be one HELL of a good reason, The mans a waste of a jersey.....


1. Webb
2. Byrne
3. Martin
4. Toopi
5. Vatuvei
6. Rovelli
7. Hohaia
8. Wiki
9. Fein
10. Price
11. Koopu
12. Luck
13. Anderson

14. Vuna/Ropati
15. Luck
16. Guttenbiel
17. Tuimavave


For all of you who picked toopi in your teams please explain the reason why

He's on the wing for mine. He cannot set up outsides and this utilises his hit up ability early in the tackle count. If the guys inside can create (I said if) he can finish. If they can't he won't. If they can and he can't even finish, then the next step is what you already are suggesting.

Now, to be fair, it's your turn to explain your rationale. And taping his hands to his sides won't work.


LeagueNut said:
The Warriors need two things, and they need them now.

- A ball-playing forward (or two!)
- Some more spark and creativity in the halves

Ball-playing forward = Faumuina (from round 4)
Spark & creativity in the halves = Rovelli (7) & Webb (6)
(Toopi to fullback where he would appreciate extra space, Ropati back to
the centres, and Vuna waiting in the wings).


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