General Changes against Brisbane.


Look at Denan's Kemp 2008 season. Consistant, cant recall him playing one bad game for the Broncoes last season. Did a great job on the wing, and filled in at fullback. Some of the tries he has scored in his short career have been freakish.


For Kirk to come in and replace Kemp, we'd need to see an obvious benefit, and as far as I'm concerned they're both similar though Kemp has the HUGE bonus that is goal-kicking.

And whoever suggested Stacey should kick, well...that is just ridiculous given he's played his first game today from the bench, and the side isn't cemented.

Kemp has played two games outside a centre he's never played a team he's never played with, give him a few games at least! Look how many Rovelli got!


I'd leave the side as it is with the only inlcusion being Luck to swap in for one of the new kids.

I thought Fien played alright and Stace was obviously a great impact player and he still has the X factor. Must be a bit demoralising for the opposition when they see him come on as a sub ;)

The real headache for Cleary is what to do when Hohaia is fit?


what do you guys think about the possibility of moving joel moon to 13? i think he would do well there.

we obviously have some selection dilemmas with so many people fighting for spots, esp in the halves/hooker. its only gonna get worse when hohaia comes back and he is a must have on the bench.

whichever way it goes, i have trust in cleary and his crew and that they will make the right decision.

what a great win against the premiers who fought back from their woeful display from last week, not to mention away from the home in the heat for the warriors. this win cannot be underestimated.


I think that having Moon at lock could possibly work, NU. Have Lillyman/Mannering play 80 mins, have the 4 props rotating and Moon goes into lock when Matulino comes off, with Stacey/Fien going into the halves. Hendo and Hohaia rotate as they did before.

If Kemp was making huge mistakes and conceding a load of tries, sure drop him. But he hasn't really done anything wrong. Sometimes wingers just don't do anything in a game, no matter how good they are. He did make a few bad choices in the game, I'll admit that. I rate Kirk, I think he could make many NRL sides, he's a little fighter.


Joel Moon to lock could work, but why would you move him? 3 line breaks, a try, 6 off loads, 7 tackle breaks, 46/49 tackles at over 90%.

He's building a strong combination with Ropati and Vatuvei as well as proving to be a handy kicking option. I wouldn't move him closer to the ruck where he's going to be required to do more donkey work when there's no real reason to move him and his performances don't warrant a change.

Magic Stick_old

Now Moon to lock.....LOL

What a stupid idea,then what do we do in 2010 when Stacey retires after we win the 2009 NRL Title and Fien goes to Huddersfield

Moon has been outstanding at standoff.leave him there all year


moon at lock would work but it wouldn't be the best use of the players we have. we have a lot of backrow talent before moon would be tried at lock. moon will be at 6 all year baring injury or a massive form slump.


Fairly straight forward changes IMO...

Jones has to start ahead of Fien. I called it during the week as well. To me it is a must. Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of time for FIen, but he just doesn't control a game like a quality half back should. He also takes a lot of wrong decisions at crucial times which nearly tripped us up again this week. Fien has a good kicking game but needs to read the game a lot better. Stacey on the other hand is pure class. He came up with the goods when the team needed it the most and that's what counts. His fitness will come back the more he plays and I think right now, he is good enough to play. I really think we will control the game much better with Stacey there. Fien onto the bench to cover at Hooker and provide some impact off the bench.

The calls to drop Kemp are very unfair IMO. Yes he hasn't had the best of starts, but I think we need to stick with him as he is capable of some very special plays. I actually don't think that he is reading Tate's play well enough at the moment, but with a few more games under his belt, we will hopefully see what he is capable of. Also, I think Tate by nature runs slightly across field and doesn't straighten the defence up which doesn't offer a lot of room for his wingers. Kemp just needs to learn how to handle that and i'm sure it'll come right in time. Also, i'm sure he'll look to lift his game against the Broncos next weekend.

Hopefully we'll have Luck back next week which would relieve some of the pressure off the bench. I don't think the Warriors can afford to carry two inexperienced players on the bench as they did today. Ah Mau and Ta'ai have plenty of potential, but they are well off the pace at this point.

I haven't heard if there are any injury worries so hopefully everyone has pulled through. My team for next week...

1. McKinnon
2. Kemp
3. Tate
4. Ropati
5. Vatuvei
6. Moon
7. Jones
8. Packer
9. Henderson
10. Price
11. Mannering
12. Lillyman
13. Luck

14. Fien
15. Royal
16. Rapira
17. Ah Mau


I'm usually against having 3 props on the bench, but that is the team I would use as well. We have 3 80 min players in 11-13, and Royal looks like he can play a bit wider as well, so I guess he can cover. I might be tempted to not have Ah Mau, and blood someone like O'Regan, but I think playing Leeson would be the safe option.

Magic Stick_old

I would go with Lewis Brown on the bench...I was impressed with him when he played hooker/lock in the preseason Cowboys game

Ah Mau is wasted getting limited minutes off our bench...Be better for his development getting more minutes with the 20's


Yeah, thats true. I would like another look at Brown, just to complicate things even more.


I'm still stunned that some are suggesting we boot Kemp after two solid but not outstanding first grade matches, two outstanding trial performances, and another trial performance that I haven't seen. He kicked the winning points, and was elusive in broken play.

I've seen at least two people suggest that we replace him with Kirk and have Jones kick the goals. Fair enough. It means a drop from about 90% goal kicking accuracy to about 75%...or lower if goals are taken from the sidelines. To those suggesting that we do this, who do you propose kicks goals for the 30 or so minutes that Jones isn't on the field while he continues to build up his fitness and game time?



17.tai'i (dropped a few balls but i think we shud persist with him, no point in playing ah mau for 15 when the 20s clearly need him, tai'i can warm matulinos spot till he is back)

agreed with that 100%. but i would also say fien warming up hohaia's spot until he comes back unless he performs out of his shoes in the 3-4 games.

we have a very effective but boring backrow tho.


Nothing wrong with effective backrowers, I think it would be good to add some consistancy to our games. Our game isn't '08 Sharks-like just yet.


Leave Joel Moon at five eight. Hes going good there, and he will get even better. Hes the best five eight at the club, its his best position, his skills suits it, and moving him to lock to accomodate other players would be a bad idea.

Kirk? No nrl club wanted him. Warriors signed him for 1 season, out of pity, he did okay with the handful of games he played last season.