General Captain's challenge trial in Toyota Cup

Would you be a fan of seeing this implemented in the NRL?

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Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
I so want this when playing Cronella, as do i imagine every coach out there that has to contend with them. However, i dont think that just having the loss of unlimited protests is enough of a detrament. In the NFL if you throw your little flaggy out on to the field and you are wrong then you cop a penalty in meters. This is to discourage frivioulous use of the protest. Also i dont think it should be unlimited even if your right, limit to 2 a game right or wrong with a penalty clause if wrong and im all for it.

Re the ruling and the video ref, somewhere along the way interpretation has crept into the game. the reality is there are rules all we need to do is look at them. If you have 2 players or more in the tackle and one of them has a hand on the ball, its a strip. If you run with ball in hand behind one of your own players its an obstruction or shepard. No interpretation needed. If tackling and you realise that your hand is on the ball you may have to move it to stop them coughing up the ball and having a strip called on you, tuff luck grab the arm, the shirt, the chest - i dont care just dont grab the ball unless your sure your the only player tackling.